sometimes you have to let the swag out to play, future wife

Hi hi!

I do this thing, future wife, where I am kind of braggy and blustery to groups. Maybe especially online. But one-on-one I am a bit more subdued. I’m more humble. I’ll even tell you that I have been punching above my weight for years with women.

And that’s kind of bullshit.

I’ve dated amazing women, to be sure. My newest ex-girlfriend is absolute proof.

But I deserve to date amazing women. And I really don’t think there is anything wrong with saying that.

I’ve spent too much time lately thinking about, and working on, the things I’m not good at. Which is fine, but you still gotta remember to celebrate and strut about the things you are.

I kinda forgot.

But I remember now that I bring some good stuff to the table.

I like to play up that I’m all jokes and good-natured flirting. And I am definitely both of those things, but if that’s all you’re seeing, you’re missing out.

You see, I’m going to have your back. Always. The chips can’t get down far enough to where I’ll stop having your back.

I can write. I’ve been neglecting those muscles for a while, but I am getting back in shape. You’ll see. I’m going to write my ass off. I’m going to write for you, about you, with you, and on you. I’m going to make you smile. I’m going to make you swoon. I’m going to make you need to pounce on me before you finish reading the last sentence. You’ll see.

I’m loyal and will work my butt off for us. I’m not about looking for a new star, I’m about helping the one you’re with shine.

I won’t let the world beat you down. And I’ll throw some punches at it if it even tries.

I’m smart and curious.

I’m the kind of guy you want with you in a foxhole, or walking down a dark street.

I’ll hold you close after a nightmare. I’ll rub your back when sleep eludes.

I’ll cook badly. I’ll clean faux-grudgingly.

I’ll seduce frequently.

You’ll never feel hotter or more desired in your life.

I’m fun. I’m silly. I’ll make your day better.

You’ll feel supported anytime you need it, challenged just the right amount, and like part of a team every single day.

I do a million things in a week for family, friends and the community, and only you will know.

And it’ll make you proud to be by my side.

I’m a strong shoulder and a soft heart.

I’m a warm embrace and a hot kiss.

I’m yours and you’ll never spend a moment doubting.

Yeah I’ve dated amazing women. And I’m going to keep on dating amazing women until I find you.

You’re going to be awesome.

I’m going to tell you every damn day.

You’re going to recognize that I’m awesome.

I’m going to tell you that every day too.

But I really won’t need to. Anyone who doesn’t recognize what I bring to the party, won’t get an invite.


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