Sometimes Unc gets in trouble…

I got off the phone with The ACN earlier.

We were on for 46:08 minutes.

She got home from school and she and her daddy (who works shift work) curled up in the mommy and daddy bed and she called me.

I think the daddy nodded off.

I asked her if she had fun at school. No answer. (No answer on the phone means “no.” The daddy was apparently napping and couldn’t tell me if she was shaking her head “no.”)

I asked if she had a fun ride on the bus. “Yeah!”

I asked if she had a good lunch. “Yeah!”

I asked if they read books. “Yeah!”

I asked if she went in her walker. “Yeah!”

I asked if she and Steven* raced to the bus. “Yeah!”

Then I said, “So, munchkin, to me that sounds like a pretty good day at school. Might you be fibbing to Uncle Pete about not having a good day?”

All kinds of giggles.

[*Steven is an older boy on the bus with her. (He is 10 or 12.) He is also in a wheel chair. Every day after school they “race” to the bus. The ACN LOVES it. On her first ever day of school, Steven told The ACN’s daddy, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of her.” Cute, right? Sometimes another little boy with autism rides on the bus too. He was sitting behind The ACN one day and he got very upset. And loud. The ACN is one tough little chica, but new noises, when she isn’t expecting them, scare her. Plus, she gets upset if something is happening behind her and she can’t see it. So, when the little boy got upset, The ACN did too and started crying. Steven started rubbing her hand and telling her that the little boy wasn’t going to hurt her and that everything was OK. We like Steven.]

So, we kept talking.

We practiced counting.

I told her everything that was going on here.

I asked her a bunch of questions.

She decided that she wanted to trade in everybody in the family (pets included) except for she and I.

I think I’ve mentioned before that we talk every night at 6. (If humanly possible.) No matter where I am, or what I’m doing, I make my call. Granted, some nights she tells her mommy that she doesn’t want to talk to me and then giggles.

And then doesn’t talk to me.

However, I didn’t talk to her Saturday night or Sunday night. She had gone out of town to do some Xmas shopping with the other grandparents. And while I call their house all the time when she is there — and they are AWESOME about it, and hold the phone to her ear for as long as she wants to talk — I thought it might be pushing it to call their cellphone.

I figured the lack of chatting for a few days had made her more chatty this afternoon.

So, I asked.

Unc: Did you miss Unc’s calls this weekend?


Unc: Were you sad that Unc didn’t call?


Unc: Did you notice Unc not calling?

ACN: (Tiny little) Yeah.

*Unc’s heart breaking*

Unc: Is Unc a bad boy?

ACN: Yeah.

Unc: Does Unc need a kick in the bum?

ACN: Yeah!

Unc: Still want Unc to call you at 6 tonight?

Few moments of silence.

ACN: (Reluctantly) Yeeaaah.

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  1. awww how cute!!!!!! ur a very good uncle! but missing two days in a row deserves a lot of attention and pampering (on her part not yours)if that includes “bustin out the visa” as Tia so perfectly put it then so be it!!!! x

  2. Oh we like Steven VERY much. That is perhaps the cutest thing ever.

    The fact that you talk to her every night at 6 if humanly possible makes me a) swoon and b) realize that I am not that committed to anything in my life. Except maybe The Hills.

  3. Ah, yes – getting in trouble with children. I used to phone my kids all the time in the evenings. It was a great way to help them (and me) through the rough patch after the divorce. It was always the highlight of my day to hear their voices. I too, got in trouble for occasionally not calling.

    Then their mother booked them into multiple sports and appointments every evening of the week, and had the court limit my phone time to 15 minutes per night. You won’t have to deal with that problem.

  4. I have pms and I think you almost made my cry.
    Now I have to go kick the cats, ro something.
    Maybe just eat some chocolate.
    You rock. Period.
    Haha seriously no pun intended.
    Oh what – TMI?!
    Haha sorry. :)

  5. I might have mentioned this, but I think the ACN is seriously one of the sweetest kids ever. And Steven? I want to give him a huge hug.

  6. silent treatment from the acn. hehehe…it does look like you’ve found your way back into her good graces – for now…

    the acn is one observant little gal! and do i picture a lovely future some years down the road with the awesome steven?! just throwing it out there…

  7. tia: I know it. Of course, no matter what I get her, she always pretends that she doesn’t like it.

    camikaos: When I called her back at 6, we talked for 3 minutes and she decided that was enough Uncle Pete for one day.

    rachel: I know, I know. I am a bad, bad Unc.

    steph: Ha! You are not allowed to talk to the ACN.

    clink: I LOVE the bus stories. And my Unc duties are the only things I am at all committed to in life.

    miriam: There was talk of a photo with Santa, but I have yet to see it. Which usually means that one will be framed and wrapped and under the tree for me.

    twobuyfour: That is rough, dude. Reminds me to be thankful for my situation — with people on both sides of the family supporting my uncling ways.

    airam: I never tire of telling ’em!

    sybil: Don’t kick cats.

    lisa: I know, right? Those little twerps.

    distracted spunk: She is a sweet little punkin. My stories don’t do her justice.

    libby: I am pretty used to being in trouble with The ACN (and women in general.) Thankfully she is very forgiving… after making me suffer for a while.

  8. I love these ANC-Unc stories. Reminds me of my uncle, whom I adored as a child (I still do). Perceived neglect was harshly punished by long periods of silence and pouting.

    Also, Steven seems like a very nice young man.

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