Sometimes sports can affect my mood…

No. It’s true.

But, I’m not nearly as bad as I used to be.

I remember in high school when my favourite team got bounced out of the NBA playoffs, in a particularly heart-breaking manner, I got a call from a basketball teammate. All I heard was, “Blah blah blah Lakers won! hee hee hee.”

I replied with, “Uh huh…. Yeah… FUCK OFF!!!” and threw the phone across the room.

My father looked at me for a few seconds and said, “Wrong number?”

I’m a kinder gentler Peter now.

However, sports can still get to me.

Saturday night, after The ACN went to bed, I grabbed ye olde laptop and got comfy to find out what was going on in the world of sports.

I saw that #1 ranked (in college football) LSU was in a tough game against Kentucky. (Kentucky?!?) And I saw that my team, Cal (Berkeley), was not playing on TV up here. Even though they were RANKED #2!!!

I was not happy.

However, I am a pretty glass is half full of lemonade made from lemons kind of hombre. So, I went to and got the automatically updating box score thing rocking.

Cal was already down to Oregon St.

Again, not good news. But, Cal is an offensive juggernaut. No biggie.

I then realized that it was Saturday night, I am Canadian, so I should be watching hockey anyway. It’s like a rule. Since I am an Ottawa fan, and my dish has the channel in Ottawa that shows Saturday night games, I flipped to it and found…

Toronto vs. Pittsburgh.


Now, I think it’s great that Sidney Crosby was playing a game in Canada on a Saturday night. The little dude is a fellow Nova Scotian, so I have nothing but respect. However, Ottawa is the best team in the league. This channel is from Ottawa. And yet…

So, the universe wanted to toy with me a bit. Fine. I am determined.

I remember that the NHL Network shows something called “NHL on the Fly.” Which is essentially hours and hours of live look-ins at games, as well as highlights and news. It kicks a lot of ass. So, I flipped over to the NHL Network and found…

A “Classic Series” episode featuring the Rangers and Islanders from the late 70s.

“Well played, universe,” I said.

Around this point I saw that LSU had somehow managed to lose. In triple overtime! (A game that I couldn’t watch up here either. Curses!)

This meant that all Cal had to do was beat unranked Oregon St. to cruise to the #1 ranking.

Which meant they’d also be #1 in the first BCS rankings!!

(Am I really rambling this long about sports in a blog with a readership that has been skewing mostly female for a while now? Apparently so. Why do I hate success?)

The Cal game went back and forth. Cal would score and take the lead, but then couldn’t find a way to stop Oregon St.

Seriously? Oregon St.?!?

Long story short (HA!)…

Cal ended up losing the game.

And I was bummed.

Now, I wasn’t as depressed as Seth was in that episode of “The O.C.” when he was is his bed with the covers over his head and he was listening to Boys II Men’s “End of the Road.” (You’re trying not to let it get stuck in your head. You are trying not to remember the words and — oooopsie. There you go. My gift to you.)

But, I was… bummed.

Would referencing “The O.C.” seem less girly if I told you that it was one of the episodes when Marissa was dabbling in the lesbianic arts?

A little?


There was a moment in that episode that I really liked. Seth & Ryan were sitting in a boat in the living room. (They had their reasons.) And Seth drops the news to Ryan that their exes (both women) were now dating. Even though the love of Seth’s life was getting ready to fly off to Europe with her pretty boy new boyfriend, and even though Ryan’s wife-beater-wearing heart was being broken because his new girlfriend was leaving him and moving to Chicago, these unlikely best friends took a moment and pondered the image of their two exes together. And they smiled.

Sometimes you just have to embrace being a dude.

This post is pretty testosteroney today, eh?

Oh, Ottawa ended up winning 3-0 on Saturday night, so that put me in a better mood before sleepies.

Did I just say, “sleepies?”

Moving on…

Why do I cheer for Cal, you ask?

Or you would if you were still reading.

I honestly don’t have a very good reason. A number of years ago, just after he was hired, I saw a piece on Coach Tedford and he seemed like good people. He had overcome odds of some sort — which usually sucks me in. So, since I was a college football free agent, I just started following them. I am also a big fan of offensive creativity in football — which was clearly on display during the Aaron “Fucking Retire Already Brett Favre!” Rodgers era. Tedford is a wizard.

So, even though I don’t personally know anyone who went there — except for Ryan on “The O.C.!” — I am a Cal Bears fan.

You like how that all came full circle? That’s good writing right there, people.

One of my great regrets in life — along with not asking that Naomi chick out in university, and the brush cut in grade 11 — is not having gone to a big U.S. college where sports is huge. My school’s girls volleyball team was good, I suppose. While girl volleyball players are hotter than other female athletes, for some reason, I kind of hate the sport.

I should mention that because of her, her, him and him, I’ve recently been following Iowa’s football team.

How about the rest of you? Did any of you go to a school with a team that I could embrace and follow a little?

0 thoughts on “Sometimes sports can affect my mood…

  1. Ok, I can’t read all the sports stuff because I don’t “do” sports. But I did read down to “I’m a kinder, gentler Peter now” and I would like to contest that assertion.

    You keep kicking my ass in scrabulous without any remorse! Kind? Gentle? I THINK NOT.

  2. Boston College:

    -excellent hockey team
    -basketball team has made respectable showings in the tournament the past few years
    -football is 7 for 7 in bowl game appearances

  3. Yeah baby! A little more of that talk and Don and I might just make you an honorary Hawkeye.

    Although you get minus 10 points for that volleyball comment. What is not good about watching girls jump around in spandex for 90 minutes? Nothing. There is nothing bad about that so stop your whining!

  4. I went to a women’s college and the only sport I played was croquet. Yes, it’s a sport. And for those of you still laughing, I placed. Twice.

    Anyway, my point? You lost me about halfway in. At which point I scanned. Though when I read ‘the OC’ I had no choice but to back up to see what I had missed. Not because I have ever seen a single episode but because I was curious how a boy in Canada could connect college basketball and Canadian hockey with dumb Cali blonds. Well done, my friend. Well done.

  5. You can join me in my love of Villanova basketball if you’re hunting around for a college basketball team to LOVE.

    Also, you may develop a little crush on the coach, Jay Wright. You have been warned.

  6. sweetescape: Thanks! I try to pull it all together. Doesn’t always pan out.

    sofiha: Good points! When I was a young Peter, I looked into going to BC. I have family in Boston. Then I saw what it would run me in tuition compared to a Canadian school. Sucks to that.

    hellafied: Minus 10??? But, I was in favour of the hot girls in spandex, it is the sport itself that irks me. Tall people should just play basketball. Even those that sometimes appear shorter than what they actually are.

    paige jennifer: Thanks! With a little hard work and a lot of TV watching, I became the blogger that I am today.

    clink: Don’t hate me… While I get a good Philly vibe from Villanova, Wright’s three guard system always annoys me. Actually it annoys me when any team uses it. Though I know you have to play to your strengths, but why can’t you just recruit a small forward? Why??
    (Yes, strange things will set me off.)

  7. Cal huh? Coach may be nice, but the fans (um…current students) really suck. Not nice. Although I may be (very slightly) biased being an SC girl myself.

    And come on!! Oregon State??!! It’s so typical of Cal. All they had to do was win one teensie game (I’m completely blocking the memory of OSU shattering our winning streak last year) to take that #1 spot and they couldn’t do it.

    Well…as long as ASU and Oregon continue to do well, and we beat them, and Cal, all will be good.

    PS. Great post (and blog)!! If there’s anything that will get me out of lurking, it’s a post about a college football team I don’t like.

  8. Peter- I am a Hawkeye as well. Except I don’t care for sports. Yes, you heard me right.
    But that’s just me.

    You’re a funny kid. I went to highschool with a Peter Wulf. He used to say his middle name was Andy. I once gave him a bloody nose playing basketball. I didn’t care for sports back then either, but I had a crush on him. Whatever.

    I like your blog. I look forward to reading more.


  9. I’m no Beaver, but when people from other places start to knock Oregon, I get a little protective. You’ve been warned. :P

  10. College/University sport is not so big here in Australia… I think. Possibly I missed the whole thing being as how I’m not that into sport – although I will happily go along to a rugby union match here in Perth.

    I think the closest UWA came to a team was “The Maniacs”… and that was all about getting off your tits drunk at the Campus Tavern.

    Loving the OC/Sports connections.

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