sometimes it’s elusive, future wife

Hiiii, Future Wife.

Sometimes we can’t sleep.

When today decides it wants to play on an endless loop in your mind, tightening up a different muscle with each rotation. When the theatrical trailer for tomorrow makes its seemingly never-ending debut, missing only the deep voice-over narrator.

“In a woooorld that sleep forgot…”

It sucks, but it happens.

It happened to me last night.

I was thinking about you.

Who you might be. Who you are. Who I’ve thought you were over the years.

Heartache’s roll call is never soothing.

In the midst of the tossing, just prior to the turning, I decided that I want to learn how to help you fall asleep.

When work stresses. When money mocks. When the body is sore.

I want to help you fall asleep.

I am going to find the places on your body that relax you.

My hands are big and talented.

I will play with your hair. I will rub your back.

I will caress.

I will massage.

And I will spoon you so that all other bedcutlery is jealous.

I will whisper sweet things in your ear, if needed.

Soft kisses, if not.

I won’t need books, or my Kindle, because you’ll be my favourite thing to read before bed.

But what if the day was a bear and you need extra attention?

Or what if you’re brimming with energy that needs to be released?

Or what if you crave contact and connection and… ROAR?


You know I can handle that too.


At first.

And growing.


Until I find what you want.

Or need.


Deep. Passionate. Teasing. Inviting. Thanking. Needing.


Holding. Pinning. Stroking. Lifting. Bending. Pulling.


Together. Moving. Closer.


Contented. Nestling into every corner.

The best rooms are illuminated by nothing but afterglow.

Then I’ll spoon you again.

And if I happen to fall asleep first, you can always wake me up.






photo credit: Fellowship of the Rich via photopin cc

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