sometimes i lose bets

It’s been a week since the Super Bowl was played (THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!) but I feel like I must point out one player who should have been in it…

Rex Daniel Grossman III

Without a doubt he is the single greatest quarterback in the history of people throwing shit to other people while bigger people try to knock the heads off of both of those previous peoples.

When Rex Grossman is on his game it is truly wondrous.

It is seeing someone doing what they were undoubtedly born to do.

Like hearing Fran Drescher sing.

Or watching Jack Black make sweet, sweet love.

And while it is true that “Sexy Rexy” only completed 3 passes last season, they were, without a doubt, the three greatest passes IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

Also I must say (no, really, I MUST) that Jenn from freeandflawed is the best blogger ever.

In fact, I dare say that she is the Rex Grossman of blogging.

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