sometimes I just write dialogue

“It wasn’t the worst movie you’ve ever seen.”


“It was funny.  Well written.  Not bad at all.”

“Dane Cook was in it.”

“And that undoes anything else good about it?”

“You see that too?”

“Why did you agree to let me pick the movie?”


“Just trying to be a gentleman?”

“Sort of…”


“I thought I could use the power of my mind to get you to pick the right movie.”

“Have you used the power of your mind on me before?”


“With good results?”


“Do tell.”

“It went well when I used it to convince you to go on a second date with me.”

“There was nothing on TV.”

“Even so.”

“And, other than the movie picking fiasco, when else did the power of your mind let you down?”

“Well, you still haven’t unbuttoned your top button on that shirt.”

“And you think I should have?”

“With our height difference…  I’m just sayin’, it would have been a nice gesture.”

“If I had, I bet you wouldn’t have noticed Dane Cook in that movie.”

“I wouldn’t have noticed him on my lap.”

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