Sometimes Adorably Cute Nieces Like To Be Bossy

This week I am munchkin-sitting the niece of adorable cuteness while her parents are Dominican Republic-ing it right up.

When my niece isn’t busy skype-ing or emailing with her (also adorable) friend, she likes to boss me around.

A lot.

This morning she woke up early. At 6:43 am, she decided I should be awake with her.

I wasn’t totally on-board, but she was pretty insistent.

I decided that maybe if I cuddled with her, she would go back to sleep.

And it worked.



That is munchkin-code for “I’m awake, unc, so everyone else should be. Plus there are things I want to do, so GET UP!”

I said, “Mmmmfrgrgrrrrr”


So I told her that unc was tired and didn’t really want to get up.

Then I told her I love her.

And she punched me in the face.


She smiled.

I tried to go back to sleep.


“Unc is coooooooooooozy.”

*Thwaaaap* in my face.

“This is quickly becoming an abusive relationship.”

So she hit me in the face four more times in a row.

“Why are you hitting me?”







She giggled.

This all went on for another ten minutes or so.

When I finally said, “GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Puuuuuuuuuuuuunkin!” she cracked up laughing.

Her mission was accomplished.

So I gave her a kiss on the noggin.

And got up.

Or “Up!”

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