Some people are just touchy.

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  1. treespotter says:

    LOLOLOL, this is actually funny.

  2. Peter says:


    Especially for sounding so shocked. ;)

  3. Kukka-Maria says:

    I think I’ve worked with Steve before. Snorting with laughter while reading this caused water to come through my nose.

    Thanks for the nasal discomfort! It was worth it!

  4. Dave says:

    That’s almost as backhanded a remark as “Oddly enough I have to echo Dave’s comments.” ;)

    Nice bit, Mr. DeWolf. The Leslie bit was the clincher.

  5. James Cooper says:

    Agreed – the escalation in the Leslie portion of the dialogue was the meat of the conversation. Calling other people’s wives whores and getting punched for it was a nice appetizer and dessert though. Hey, anyone else hungry?

  6. Steph says:

    That was hilarious! You should write scetch comedy. :)

  7. Peter says:

    kukka: Blame Steve for your keyboard wetness. That guy…

    Dave: hahaha I thought about that comment after I hit “post.” You know what I meant. heheh

    James: Thanks, dude. And now I AM hungry. I am so easily led.

    Steph: Thanks, ma’am! I used to want to write for SNL. Then it started sucking so massively.

  1. April 14, 2009

    […] “Some people are just touchy” […]

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