some more on blogging

After this I thought I had said everything I wanted to say on the topic.

But I have more.

Sometimes I feel like one of those Civil War recreationists when it comes to blogging. Clinging to a blogworld that no longer exists. Very protective of the blogrelationships that still do.

Yesterday someone sent me an email with a link to a blogger I should be reading. That used to be a daily occurrence. This one was a rarity. And, in truth, completely solicited.

And even more appreciated.

We have too many rebloggers and not enough bloggers.

Not fucking nearly enough.

I blame Tumblr. I blame Twitter.

I blame you.

I blame me.

I blame you more.

I blame a laziness with the language.

I blame the insincerest form of flattery. Sincerely.

I blame bolding text that hasn’t earned it.

I blame the ever so slightly repackaging of something that didn’t deserve our precious time to begin with.

I blame the lack of effort.


I am bored with blaming.

Rather than complain (after this), I am going to keep building The Hooray Collective.

I am going to involve more like-minded people.

I am going to delete emails offering products for review and mercenary guest posts and sponsored posts and, well, anything that doesn’t feel like goddamn 2007, you know?

I am going to hold hands. And inspire others to do the same.

I am going to challenge. And inspire others to do the same.

To me.

We have too many rebloggers and not enough bloggers, my friends.

Let’s fucking give them good stuff to reblog.


8 thoughts on “some more on blogging

  1. Yes. This. I actually just (re)started blogging, new platform, new personality, new everything….and it’s hard! I forgot how hard it is to actually write every day, or three times a week, or even 5 or 6 times a month. I’m struggling getting back into my groove and am looking for some 2007-type blogging support.


  2. “I blame bolding text that hasn’t earned it.”

    HA. So true. I like me some bold text where appropriate, but it irks me (actually, the word “irk” irks me) when I see such heavy-handed use of it.

    And seconding everything else you’ve said here.

  3. Hear, hear. It’s tough being a blogger who’s been around for a little while. It seems the shelf life of most bloggers is around two years, so if you’ve been around longer then most likely the majority of your initial community is long gone. Then you rebuild it and see those people eventually drop off.

    I guess we gotta somehow let go of that old blogworld and embrace the new if we still want to be relevant. Or maybe our time has just… expired.

  4. I started this year by happily announcing how much I wanted to dive right back into the blogging community, only to find it was what I’d really left behind. Somethings are better, somethings are worse, and mostly it’s just different.

    It’s sad. But, I mean, here we are. Long live blogging.

  5. “We have too many rebloggers and not enough bloggers.”

    That’s honestly the most true thing I’ve read about blogging in a while. I’ve lost a lot of blog friends because of Tumblr — because why actually WRITE something when you can just “resay” something someone else has already said?

    I miss the old blogging days. Meh.

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