some monkey tales and more drabbles!

As happens from time to time, the other day The Monkey called me to go watch her so she could swim in the pool.

I said yes.

Here are some highlights:

– She swam in a sports bra and board shorts.  Both her father and aunt separately asked her why when they each got home.  “I was too lazy to go home to get a bathing suit.”  She lives next door.  (Pool is at her grandparent’s/my uncle and aunt’s house.)

– She was playing on Facebook when I arrived and made me wait.  And then wait some more while she had a snack. And then again while she had some Sunny D — which concluded with her saying “Ahhhh.  Down the hole.”  and then slapping herself on the stomach.

– “Let’s pretend I am on a game show and you are the host.   There’ll be ten events…”

Of course that was still better than the day before when I dropped in and she was playing on the computer and singing “I Like You  So Much Better When You’re Naked.”

I could actually feel my hair greying.


More drabbles!!  Keep ’em coming.





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