some guys, future wife

Hi, futurewife!

I’ve been hearing stories lately about boyfriends treating women poorly. Yelling. Carelessness. Just being jerks in general.

And it blows my mind.


When a woman agrees to be yours…

There’s a responsibility.

There’s a code.

You hold a heart with two hands.

You hold a face with the lightest of touches.

You fight with restraint.

You support with vigor.

Some guys are dropping the ball.

And I don’t get it.

If any guy has ever treated you like that. If any guy has ever yelled at you. If any guy has ever tried to tear you down to build himself up.

I want to make up for that.

All of it.

I want you to know that you’re amazing and deserve to be treated like it.

Not just respected, but cherished.

And I will.

I promise.

To love.

I promise.

To have a crush.

I promise.

I’ll never prey on your weaknesses to get my own way. I’ll apply my strengths where you need them, to make us an even better team.

I’ll never let you go to sleep at night wondering how I feel about you.

Heck, I’ll never let you go to the grocery store wondering how I feel about you.

You’ll feel safe, protected, cared for, listened to and…

I promise.

I’ll never make you question my wanting you. You’ll know that I plan on spending way more than a moment on your lips, and definitely desire a lifetime on your hips.

I’m going to be a confidant. A cheerleader. A back-getter. A spider-wrangler. A put-things-on-the-high-shelveser.

You’ll know, without question, that I am yours.

That you are mine.

And that I take it very seriously.




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