so friggin’ impressed

I’ve long been something of a cheesy romantic.

I know it. I’ve accepted it. I’ve embraced it.

I just really love when people follow their dreams.

When people figure out what they want to be doing, and then just go for it.

Ashley has done that.

And I am beyond proud.

While her day job is important, and she’s extremely good at it, it wasn’t meeting all of her needs. It wasn’t allowing her to do all the things she wanted to do when she first decided to get into the field.

So one day, she figured out what would make her feel fulfilled.

What would allow her to use all of her many skills. What would let her do the most good for others.

Today she shares that vision with the world…

“A site that provides the tools, tips, inspiration, and community to empower teen girls to live a life they love.”

And it’s awesome.

It’s smart. It’s helpful. It’s thoughtful.

It’s Ashley.

She’s received help from lots of people. (I’m keeping track and they’re going on my Good list.)

She’s worked so incredibly hard. Day and night. Seriously. She’s even occasionally resisted my lure. And I’m a world-class distractor.

She’s read a tonne. She’s written a tonne. And when she’s run into a roadblock, she’s worked on another part of her business, until she’s found a way around.

The results are very, very impressive.

So if you are a teen girl, check out this link.

If you know, or are related to, a teen girl, check out this link.

If you just want to support someone following their dream and kicking so much bum, check out this link.

You’ll be super glad you did.

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