So friggin' cool.

Two posts in one day again. (I needed a second one so that you wouldn’t think that I was becoming Danielle Steele.)

Drew from Evoca has been kind enough to let me be one of the folks to test their “soon to be released” Evoca Browser Mic. I tried it over at

It is very, very slick.

All you do is hit “record” and use your PC mic to leave me a voice message.

It’s just that simple!

Give it a whirl.

If you don’t, it’ll make me all sad-like.


0 thoughts on “So friggin' cool.

  1. I’d leave you a message but…you know. The new lisp and everything (see today’s post). You’d probably piss yourself laughing. And my new motto is…friends don’t let friends piss their pants. Sorry :)

  2. Yeah, I don’t speak Canadian English, so I’m not sure if you would understand what I was saying.

    Sorry. (Pronounced Sah-ree, not sore-ree. Or Soo-ri–because I’m not talking about Tom and Katie’s kid. Now I’m just getting confused and distracted.)

    Crap. This is a really sucky comment. I can and will do better next time.


  3. I don’t have a mic, otherwise you just know I’d be insulting you all over the place in Oztraylian, so you couldn’t understand me ;)

  4. Erika: So, I picked the single worst day to put up my voice message dealie?

    K-M: You really pronounce it “sah-ree?”

    Steph: Would you talk about reg grundies?

  5. Sara: Now I can’t remember how I say it.

    Steph: I have a buddy from Canberra. And those are the kinds of things I tend to remember. ;)

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