I frequently jot down blog ideas on post-its, or save them as a draft e-mail in gmail.

These ideas can be random thoughtlets, actual quotes from others, things I’ve said, or bits of fictional dialog that I have yet to build a story around.

I currently have three sitting in front of me and I am going to let you pick which one I am going to write about for tomorrow’s post.

So, essentially I am just using today’s post as an intro to tomorrow’s. Is that cheating on NaBloPoMo?


Nope. It’s fine.



Here are your choices:

Option #1 – “Touch? This house needs a woman’s slap.”

Option #2 – “Terrible thing… I have a wife, yet I have to do all the housework. She can’t figure out how to start the broom. She is still looking for the pull cord.”

Option #3 – “I’ve always been an overachiever. The first time I ever masturbated, I was fantasizing about a threesome.”

To cast your vote you have to e-mail me. (The link dealie is over on the right.)

The reason I am doing it this way, is so that the winner is a surprise.

And also so that if I think of a fun way to write about one of the topics, and it doesn’t win the vote, I can just lie and say that it did.

Hey, when you live under my blog’s roof, you follow my blog’s rules.

So, there you have it. You have the power to decide what my blog post will be tomorrow.



Now, I am going to go watch sports highlights and play Scrabulous on Facebook.

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