Sneaky aliens!!!!

My sister is writing an exam, so I have the pleasure of wrangling my ADORABLE little niece today.


As the world’s greatest uncle – I am! Look it up. – I try to always give the little squirt the benefit of the doubt. But, this morning I callously blamed her for yelling every time I turned my back.

I don’t know why I did it. I should have known better. I guess I had my own things going on.

When I finally asked her why she was doing it, she calmly explained to me that it was actually the stuffed ET doll doing it. I asked again to make sure.

Uncle Pete: So, it was ET yelling when I was washing the dishes?
The Adorable One: Yeeeeaaaaah!

This is not the first time we’ve had trouble with ET. A couple weeks back he peed in my niece’s bed and tried to blame it on her. She wouldn’t stand for that, and suffice it to say he is currently wearing a Pamper’s diaper. Size 4.

But, this time he was very stealthy. I shouldn’t be shocked, I mean the little dude made a bicycle fly that time, but this was quite impressive. He’d yell like crazy, but as soon as I turned around it would be just my niece sitting there. She told me that he ran away and hid in her bed when he saw me turning around. Now, you don’t get that kind of sneakiness from earth creatures, I’ll tell you that.

I learned a valuable lesson about believing my niece this morning and —

Crap, gotta run. Seems as if ET keeps turning the volume up on her little plastic piano.

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