smell you later, '09


No new posts until next week (probably.)  The Niece of Adorable Cuteness is here for the week and she demands my full attention.

Seriously.  If she doesn’t get it, she is super pissed.

We’re having a full week of Christmas.  We had ours late, as my sister works shiftwork and couldn’t be here for the 25th.  That day the ACN told me on the phone that I didn’t have to wait and could open my gifts early.

Five minutes later she told me that all I was getting for Christmas was kicks in the bum.

This morning, when I’d normally be trying to crank out a post, she decided that I should give her a foot rub while we listened to music.

That she chose.

She gets a lot of her musical taste from her mom (and The Monkey.)  Stuff like Black Eyed Peas.  But she gets some from her dad.  That’s what led to her making me crank AC-DC’s “Thunderstruck” at 8:45 this morning.

While her mother was still sleeping.

I was excited when she liked Dire Straits’ “Romeo and Juliet.”

I knew that she didn’t just get her height and good looks from me.

She was very nice to me this morning too.  There was an unfortunate moment when I was getting her a glass of juice and dancing to Real McCoy’s ’94 hit “Another Night.”  She was too much of a lady to laugh out loud.  But she did give me a “You should never do that outside of the house” look.

She’s not wrong.

I have some fun stuff planned for the blog in ’10.

At least one more STOG.  (If SOMEONE would reply to the email I sent ages ago with an idea for the theme.)

A word doodle correspondence thingy with a talented poetess.

And possibly an expanded version of “Word Doodles + Pics” that you can hold in your sexy little hands.

Cool, right?

So here’s something of a Best of  ’09 dealie.

Though maybe they aren’t the best.  Or necessarily my favourites.  Just stuff I decided that I wanted to share with you.

Happy New Year and junk.













10 thoughts on “smell you later, '09

    • There are two things I find troubling about your attitude. And I am going to tell you what they are.

      1) If you are on the International Space Station and get an e-mail from me, you reply in a timely manner. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??

      2) The exchange went like this:

      Peter: I want to do another STOG.

      Jenn: You have to let me play this time. You are so tall and charming. And I love Canada!

      Peter thinks for a little while and then comes up with an idea so genius that other ideas just pack it in for a while. An idea right up Jenn’s alley.

      Peter emails Jenn the idea.

      And then…


  1. ‘Kicks in the bum’- three letter word containing the letters L and O…one of them twice. Oh and what’s a STOG? I’m making absent-minded attempts to figure it out but I just realised that all I can think of is SNAFU.

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