are we really doing this? i think we are. the door is closed. oh my… we’re kissing… we always kiss… but, has it always felt this good? mmmmmm. my shirt is being unbuttoned. my shirt. unbuttoned. his is being pulled over his head. are those my hands doing it?? my shirt is off. why is it so bright in here? stupid blinds. i haaaaate you. uhm, where did my skirt go? and what the hell are my hands doing? we’re almost naked… no. we’re naked. i’m naked. and now i’m on my bed. so bright in here. just like that show i saw on light pollution and– hey now… oh… i haaaate my breasts… ok. he likes my breasts… i think he reaaaallllly likes my breasts. and they clearly like him. i can handle this. i can… what are you doing? dude… stay up there in the north dakota, minnesota area. uh oh… yeah, that feels like south dakota. ok. let’s stay there for a while. there is plenty to see in south dakota. there’s the national presidential wax museum… his lips are definitely in iowa now. hey! that tongue is in nebraska. oh great, kansas now… wow. missouri enjoyed the crap out of that… seriously, man… it’s a big country… oklahoma is giving me goosebumps… he is going to stop, right? or take a little break. i think he is. yes he is. and — deep in the heeeeart of texas!!!! oh my god… oh my god… am I purring? i am definitely purring. gotta remember to be quiet. the neighbors. thin walls. oooooooh. i don’t care. i don’t caaaaaaaaaaaaare. what the fuck? does he have two tongues? how is he…? wow. have to stop balling up bedsheets in my hands. thread count too high… sweet banana fuck!!! how did he get so good at this… hmmm… how did he get so good at this? oh, who gives a shit?? has my back ever arched like this before? and then the… uhm… i can’t remember what i was just thinking! he is giving my amnesia. oh my… goooooooooooooooooooooooood… oh, no. don’t be looking up at me with that little smirk. i just growled. i totally just growled. that was not very ladylike. he — oh… i think he liked that sound. increasing. intensity. blowing. mind. why do i feel like giving him my atm pin number? oooooooooooooooooooh.. ahhhhhh. holy crap. holy crap. holy crap. look at me. look at me!!! there you go. these eyes.. yes, them…. they are giving you permission to land. keep looking… uh huh…. there you go. now. now. nooooooooooooooooooow!!!… oh… my…


it’s still really damn bright in here.

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  1. sybil: Thanks! Blogger was being a shithead the other morning.

    airam: Anything is possible.

    stormin’: You and me both. Though I just came up with two excuses. You can choose your favourite. 1) To capture the elusive prey, you must first understand it. 2) To write female characters, you gotta pay attention to women.

    steph: Fresh! And thanks.

  2. “why do i feel like giving him my atm pin number?”

    For reasons I cannot possibly explain, that made me choke on my icy cold beverage. Cheers.

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