She Travels Light For A Princess

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  1. The Stormin Mormon says:

    Stuff like that is why I would be thrilled to be an uncle (but still terrified of being a parent).

  2. Mood Indigo says:

    This is HILARIOUS. I wish I was this creative when hanging out with my neices and nephews!

  3. Eve says:

    That was the cutest post EVER! From the shoe pic (aw!) to eight flushes (although with those giant Canadian toilet tanks, that sure is a lot of water…)

  4. Peter says:

    stormin’: Being an uncle rocks!

    megan: Between you and me, this probably wouldn’t even crack the top ten of silly things I’ve done for this girl. ;)

    eve: Thanks! I had to get a pic of the shoes. They are so little and cute.

  5. Michelle says:

    Wow… ACN has cool taste. Love the green Crocs.

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