She really hopes that I have a lovely day…

Herman Melville once said, “A man thinks that by mouthing hard words he understands hard things.”

What a dick.

Actually, there are a few things that I just don’t understand:

The popularity of “Family Guy.” The Middle East. Quiche. What “the dutchie” is, and why they are so adamant that we pass it. Why most movies are made. Sex and the City. Why anyone would want to be an accountant. Why no one will admit that The Killers’ “Sam’s Town” wasn’t that bad. Using the neutral zone trap in hockey. The interest in celebrity weddings. The interest in celebrities (who aren’t Lauren Graham.) The interest in weddings.

And Julia Allison.

If you don’t know who Miss Allison is, that’s fine. I didn’t either. Then one day, Susie quoted her.

“Susie is cool bananas” I thought. “Maybe I should go check this Julia Allison person out.”

Yes, I think things like “cool bananas.” What?

And the first thing I saw on JA’s tumblr was this:

Lip Dub: Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing from Julia Allison on Vimeo.

Let’s face it, Cute girl + 80s music = Happy Peter

(Which is, as everyone knows, “Newton’s Third Law of Mrrrrrrroooowwwwwwrrrr.”)

So, I linked to that video on my blog the very next day. And I immediately got feedback on the link from two friends. Both are women in their twenties. Both are from NY. Both are super intelligent and educated. Both have good taste. I trust both of their opinons.

But, one HATES J-All, while the other one adoooores her.


Ever the word smith, my reply was, “But… But… But… Whaaaaa?”

How could this be?

Still, I was hooked. I had to find out more about this polarizing little minx. The things I’ll do to procrastinate…

So, I read her tumblr. I watched some of her videos. I “met” her pretty friends. (Most of whom turn me into an Italian grandmother and make me want to say “Mangia! Mangia!”)

I may have even sent her an email once when she seemed sad. Not because I expected, or even wanted, a reply. But, because I thought that my delightful charm and cleverness would brighten her day.

It is cute that you think that I’m kidding.

It is strange that I would be reading her blog at all. Mostly because pretty much everything she seems to be writing on, falls at the top of the list of things that I don’t really give too much of a fuck about. Fashion, celebs, gossip, hot spots, NY, etc.

And yet, every once in a while she’ll write something that makes her seem so warm and genuine. It almost seems out of place in the little world she’s living in and reporting on.

And then I become intrigued all over again.

Her detractors will tell you that she is fake and calculating and an attention whore and possibly more evil than a hypothetical lovechild of Hitler and Shelley Long.

And yet, if pressed, I bet most of them could think of something nice to say about her too.

(Oh, by the way, if you don’t like Julia Allison, please don’t use my comment space to trash her. That section should only be used for love and happiness… And for lavishing me with the praise that fuuuuuuuuuuels me!!!!! I’m kidding about that part. I AM. Shut it.)

So, after countless hours — or, you know, ten minutes a week — I was still no closer to unraveling the mystery that is Julia Allison.

She is a pretty swirling vortex of contradictions. I suppose that all vortices swirl…

Vapid gossip monger with heart of gold?

At this point I realized that my investigation was cutting into my Facebook Scrabulous time. So, I decided that I liked Julia Allison.

That, my friends, was that.

Or was it…?

At some point later, I caught wind of some report from someplace that maybe Julia Allison had some work done. At 26/27?!? I was horrified. Because, you know, it was obviously totally my business. Still, it bothered me. It made me sad that a beautiful young woman would think this was necessary.

I looked at the series of pics that she posted from her past birthdays. I was trying to see if her face looked different. Well, different in an unnatural way. And I convinced myself that it did.

It kind of ruined the whole thing for me. (Much like an ex girlfriend tried to do to me once by saying that Lauren Graham has shoulders “like a linebacker.” Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.)

But, then I saw her wearing these jeans and liked her again…

Lip Dub: Build Me Up Buttercup from Julia Allison on Vimeo.

Hey, I’m still a dude.

Tomorrow’s post: “Quiche… so, like, it’s just egg pie?”

0 thoughts on “She really hopes that I have a lovely day…

  1. So, because I have one too many experiences with “passing a dutchie” I can help clarify.

    It’s a blunt made from a Dutch Master. It’s also a bit of a “status” symbol within pot-smoking, if you will… because rolling a blunt from a cigar (ie: Dutch Master, Phillies or some other brand) takes some skill.. AND every cigar is made slightly different or has some quality that makes it better than the other.

    In other words, Dutchies are on the better end of the scale for rolling blunts.


    I’ve said way too much.

    At least it’s all in the past.

  2. Peter in this post you gossip about a (very minor) celebrity so stop pretending you don’t get it.

    and I still cringe upon seeing this woman’s name in print.

  3. deutlich: Thanks for that. I like to learn. (Do I?) Actually that explanation probably should have been fairly obvious, eh?

    brianna: I guess we know which one of my mentioned NY friends you would side with. Also, I hardly think that I was gossiping. Well, maaaybe a little with the stuff about her possibly having work done. Ack.

  4. Sam’s Town ‘the single’ is like my fourth favourite Killer’s song. Sam’s Town ‘the album’ has When You Were Young on it and whoever doesn’t like that song is just plain weird.

    Also, the only thing I know of Julia Allison is that Journey video you had posted. And it is still my go to video when I am feeling particularly sorry for myself.

  5. I saw your post with her Journey song in it, thought that was adorable, and then went to check her out.

    I’m still not really interested in what she has to say, but her videos are super cute.

    Quiche is delicious, goober.

    Also, you are SOOOOOOOO awesome! (Because we ALL know that you weren’t REALLY kidding when you said that you are fueled by compliments.)

  6. Obviously I’m a huge Julia fan. I hated her at first, but then I realized how real of a person she is…yes, she’s an attention whore, but she’s a totally genuine one. Always responds to my emails and is just super cute. She makes some (ok, lots of?) mistakes, but who doesn’t?? I’m pretty positive she didn’t have work done…

    Also, the quote at the top of her website is from me!!

    In addition, I LOVE Sam’s Town. And quiche is amazing…try it!

  7. Okay, so we have to pass the dutchie, but why does it have to be on the left hand side?

    “Family Guy”? Not a clue – I’ve tried watching it but I just don’t see the point… mind you, I felt pretty much the same way about “Seinfeld” and I’m sure there are people who will be horrified by that.

    Quiche is delicious – even if I can’t eat it anymore… stupid egg allergy.

    Sex and the City – think that’s a “girl” thing, Peter.

    Celebrities? Well, we don’t have anything else to do with our time, right? ;oP I checked out the Julia Allison blog (I’d never heard of her before you wrote about her) and my whole reaction would be “meh” – give me Steph anyday!!!

    Oh… and this was a fabulously witty and brilliant post as always, Mr De Wolf – marvellous! Such a handsome and intelligent fellow. Gosh, how I wish I lived in your hemisphere so that I could be closer and thus bask in the light of your wisdom! (That enough ‘fuel’ for now, sir?)

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