she kind of doesn't want him to want her

She kind of doesn’t
want him to want her
in this skirt
she has carefully selected
because it hugs
her ass
She kind of hopes
that he can resist
letting his eyes linger
for too long
on her breasts
in this shirt
that JCrew must have created
just to frame their
She refuses
to overly fuss
with her hair
Hair she may have once or twice imagined him brushing aside so that he could… gently… plant a kiss on the back of her neck. The thought
of which may or may not have made her feel like Audrey Hepburn for
reasons that both escaped and enthralled her. She might have,
possibly, noticed a slight “Mmmmmm” sneak past her lips at the mere
idea of it.
She won’t make those lips
just so
that they will be
She doesn’t want him
to want her
you know

She just
wants him
to get there

16 thoughts on “she kind of doesn't want him to want her

  1. Is it just me … or are most of your recent blog posts about erm unattainable women. I was going to use the phrase “cock tease” but I REALLY don’t like that phrase. I hate the phrase soooo much that I actually googled a synonym for it. Man, you would NOT believe the results that google turned up.

  2. There’s one thing I’ve noticed about your writing which is intriguing: you portray the perspective of the girl extremely well. And yet you’re not a girl.

    Most guys wouldn’t know to think about the brushing of hair and lips planted on a girl’s neck. Even the J. Crew shirt notation is reflective of what a girl might think when trying to make herself most appealing.

    I really enjoyed this entry.

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