sea legs

The wind whips around him, doing its very best to find openings in his clothing. People still tucked into their warm beds would say it’s too late in the year for snow.  It is too early in the day for them to know any better.

Red sky in morning…

He bends his legs a little to brace himself against the gunnel of the boat.  Against the oddly rough seas for this area.  Against it all.

“It’s time.”

He adjusts clothing.  Just to have something to do.

He takes a deep breath, then watches himself exhale.

It’s time.

Sailors take warning.

This is a Drabble.  It is a piece of fiction of exactly 100 words.  Visit Drabble Rousers to read more, and to submit your own.

One thought on “sea legs

  1. Your writing is so amazing, no wonder you and Eleni are friends. Is it like an osmosis thing where you both feed into each other’s talent? And, a follow-up, would you like to be friends with a budding writer who has a bad tendency to erase everything she writes, and also likes to speak in 3rd person?

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