Script Frenzy update…

28 pages so far in three days!

The ACN arrives tomorrow for 9 days, so I won’t be working on it until the 14th. The ACN doesn’t allow writing when I could otherwise be entertaining her. Fair enough.

I remembered that I have 50ish pages of hand-written notes someplace for a hockey screenplay that I planned on writing at some point. These notes should help the process.

Some of the things I found in my piles of paper while searching for hockey script notes:

  • Xmas card from 2000 from HRC. (Apparently I was kind of a kick-ass boyfriend. Who knew?)
  • Tracings of The Monkey’s hand on purple construction paper from when she was three.
  • Hand-drawn layout for all three floors of my dream house.
  • Outline for buddy flick starring Bruce Willis and Will Smith set on a submarine.

Edit to add:

  • A spec script I wrote for The Larry Sanders Show at least ten years ago.
  • A short script for a mockumentary about masturbation.
  • Detailed outline for a Magnum P.I. script that I wanted to write.
  • Post-it note that says “Kissed @ 10 pm Thursday.”

0 thoughts on “Script Frenzy update…

  1. mindy: I have no recollection when or how that happened, but it further proves that nothing good comes from me being bored with a pen and paper.

  2. Please, please, please write the bruce willis will smith movie.

    Do you even know how awesome that would be???

    I bet you do.

  3. Yay, the ACN comes tomorrow! You’re going to have SO much fun! :)

    And I think you should show us the layout for Barbie’s (er, I mean, PETER’S) dream house! ;)

  4. surviving myself: I think the outline alone would change lives. I had even jotted a note about a running joke about Bruce Willis trying to smoke a cigar, but bad guys kept interrupting him. I’m nuts.

    jenbun: I would, but I spelled grotto incorrectly.

  5. I’m with Mindy – dream home = chick… unless the rooms had names like hockey room, big screen room, bar, etc etc… ;oP

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