Saturday…. Saturday… Saturday… Saturday…

– The ACN really liked my idea for brushing her teeth using a finger puppet with unruly hair. (I eventually talked her out of it.)

– The munchkin enjoys toast with butter and cinnamon/sugar in the morning. But, at some point, she gets bored with the toast and just likes the butter and sugar/cinnamon combo. So, she’ll take a bite, suck the buttery/cinnamony goodness out of it and then turn away from me and sneakily spit the toast out and down onto her lap. She does it all slow and cagey-like. And if you call her on it, she giggles and giggles. And then does it again.

– The ACN loves it when Nipper is around, because he is a little furry accomplice. ACN spits out the bread and Nipper sneaks up and eats it right off of her bib. (We call bibs “Super Girl Capes.”)

– Even though “peach” is her favourite flavour of the little yogurt dealies (which apparently are actually some kind of “fresh cheese” dealie) she has been enjoying the “very berry” ones today. Though I think it has more to do with me saying, “You know, squirt, they aren’t just a little berry… they are VERY berry.” She finds that quite amusing.

– Recent names that I’ve called the ACN: cuddle bug, munchkin pants, poodle pops, turkey burger, little dude, and four more!

– The ACN’s all-time favourite game to play with unc, goes a little like this…

ACN gets sick of sitting in chair-y, and of cuddling, and wants to just play in her bed with the teddy bears. But, eventually that gets dull and picking on Uncle Pete sounds like much more fun. So, she yells for me. I walk over to her bed and she starts smiling. I know what the plan is immediately. I say, “Do you want Uncle Pete to get in the bed and cuddle.” She gives me an excited “Yeeeaaaah!” So, I make a big deal out of being excited about the invitation. I move the teddy bears out of my way. I move the ACN over to give Unc room. I thank her repeatedly for the impending cuddle. Then I drag my lankiness into the bed, pulling the gate dealie up behind me. I look at her and say, “I’m sooooo cozy.” She immediately starts shaking her head “No.” I act SHOCKED. I say, “Do you want me to get out?” She yells “Yeah!!!” And then I pretend to cry and stomp away as she howls with delight. Sometimes I stop my stomping off to turn and yell “bad girl” through sniffles and point my finger. She cracks up completely.

Then we do it ten more times.

– Just found out that The Monkey has the flu. Eeeep. Here’s hoping ACN can avoid it. Though I have a headache and feel pukies. Curses!

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  1. Hahaha, god, I have to admit, reading about your misadventures with the ACN are always a highlight in my days. Now, I see there have been quite a few of these posts from her stay with you so now I just need to find the time to catch up on all of them!

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