There is something muted about it.
About all of it.
The very feelings she elicits in you,
are the same feelings that will turn her off
If you share.
Sic (sic) of writing about it.
Even your thoughts are mumbles now.
Why her?
She excites you.
Well, not only.
Skin like electric silk.
It is something that you
She sees the things in you
That you wish you could.
That you want to.
And she tells you.
As if her words hadn’t just lifted you up.
And up.
And then the moment is gone.
You grasp for it.
Your one move…
Your one choice…
Your one hope
is to try to forget it.
And you get close.
Your thoughts almost clear.

And then she says it again

0 thoughts on “rub

  1. I thought there would be more rubbing!

    What a delicious, delirious mindfuck. You describe it so well!

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