They got along well.
As well as could be expected.
The egoist and “his” fiery redhead.
“An erection deferred is an erection denied,”
He reminded, to no avail.
winsome equals win some
He hoped.
“Peter Pan is not so complex,” she mused.
Yes, he was all hers.
But, chips don’t always stay up.
Walls aren’t always back-free.
And so…
“Thank you for that,” she whispered,
through tears of varying sorts and causes.
“I’d take a bullet for you,” he said,
in a voice so sincere that it broke her heart a little.
She stared at the reflection of their embrace,
in the black screen of a bedroom TV she had never seen off before.
Just Because kisses landed gently on her head.
Yes… he was all hers.

0 thoughts on “roles2play

  1. I got a little stuck on the “take a bullet” line, and the sincerity that broke her heart. I think it cracked mine a little, too.

  2. It looks like you are back to blogging…

    And whenever you write things like this, I wonder if they are based in truth or totally invented.

    You don’t have to tell me which it is.

  3. I love when you post stuff like this. Discrete little packages of words that are just perfect. You capture so much with so little. Well done, Peter. Well done indeed.

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