Remember how I wrote a kids book?

Well, I did.

I wrote it for the ACN as a Christmas gift a couple years ago.

Of course, she won’t let me read it to her. And when I ask her if she likes it, she shakes her head “No” and starts laughing.

Then I drop my lip and make sadface and she laughs even harder.

Though the little sneak lets other family members read it to her if I’m not around.

I’ve resisted pimping it on here (too much) because’s shipping rates (especially to Canada) were craaaaaazy.

But, it looks like they have improved.

So, I think you should all buy a copy.

In fact, buy two, they’re small.

The book was illustrated by leggy supermodel Kevin LeBlanc.

If you have kids, know any kids, or were a kid yourself at some point, you are guaranteed to loooooove it.

0 thoughts on “Remember how I wrote a kids book?

  1. Kev did an AMAZING job.

    There are probably a dozen different animals. All super cute.

    And the book is 48 pages. And it ALL rhymes.

  2. wow…. Mr DeWolf….. it all rhymes??? not sure i believe you… maybe i should by a copy…… though……it probably wouldn’t reach me for weeks :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. rachel: There is even an English animal in the story!

    adw: I had to add in a “boogers” and a “poop.” Maybe a “bum” too, if memory serves.

    airam: I gotta say that it really is pretty cute. I also did some research and it is educational!

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