Tomorrow night is the annual Cancer Society Relay For Life in my town.

I’ve mentioned it before.

Since my mother is one of the co-chairs (again), everyone in my family is “volunteering.”

My mother’s definition of “volunteering” is different than what most people use. Her version can best be described as “Hey you! Do this!”

Not that we’d complain. It’s a great cause and the disease impacts every family.

And not that complaining would do us any good. It would be met with something like, “Just shut up and do it.”

That reminds me of prom night.

Wait… That sounded like I went to the prom with my Mom. Wow. That joke kind of went of the rails, eh?

My mother doesn’t just volunteer family members.

She’ll volunteer friends, acquaintances, strangers on the street, you people for reading this post, Hitler…

My mother is nothing if not a pragmatist.

“Well, Hitler IS an absolute monster, but he did seem pretty organized…”

We are extra excited about the event this year because The ACN is on a team. And a big thanks goes out to all of you delightful people who sponsored her. I almost feel guilty for sending out pushy e-mails.


Just be thankful that I didn’t unleash the cuteness along with the e-mail.

She’s very excited to be taking part this year.

So, yeah, my mother has volunteered us all again.

However, when the night is over and we see how much money has been raised, and we hear about how thankful the survivors are for the event, we will be super glad that she did.

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  1. I do the Race for the Cure every year, the walking part. I hope to run in it some day though. My mom is a survivor, as well as many other of my family members.

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