Erik and Stephen are enjoying some Bazooka Joe bubble gum and milking the last few minutes out of recess.

Erik: What exactly ARE cooties?

Stephen: You know, I’m not sure.

Erik: I don’t think anyone is. I’ve been asking around.

Stephen: So, why are we so afraid of them?

Erik: Good question. Maybe we shouldn’t be.

Stephen: Maybe not. From now on, cooties won’t stop us!

Erik: Excellent. Soooo you think that guy from The Wiggles is gay?

Stephen: Absolutely.

Erik: I didn’t say which one.

Stephen just stares at Erik.

Erik: Good point.

Stephen: Want to go play dodgeball?

Erik: Can’t. I totally tweaked my hammy. We were playing “duck duck goose” and I wasn’t ready for the goose.

Stephen: Been there, my friend. It’s important to always stretch.

Erik: This never happened when I was four.

Stephen: We are getting older. Don’t sweat it. I’m a little tired anyway.

Erik: Didn’t sleep well?

Stephen: Nope. Monsters again.

Erik: I hate them! Under the bed or in the closet?

Stephen: The bed.

Erik: They are the worst! Very sneaky. Last week I had some tapping on my window and then turning into tree branches.

Stephen: Diabolical!

Erik: We can go pull Siobhan’s pigtails.

Stephen: I could go for that.

Erik: Cool — Oh wait. I heard through the grapevine that she has cooties.

A few moments of silence.

Stephen: Sucks to that. I can’t take the chance.

Erik: Good point. Want a pudding cup?

Stephen: Don’t mind if I do.

0 thoughts on “Recess

  1. I just can’t identify with kids these days. I hear “cooties” and it ignites some familiarity but then they just lost me from there. Kids…

  2. I think I heard this same conversation while on recess duty with my second graders last spring. But they were going to pull Margarita’s pigtails…

  3. James: Would you believe that I’ve never even played “duck duck goose.”

    Steph: Scary but true, eh?

    Sara: What is it with pigtails?

  4. Love it.

    When you’re a girl, your pigtails are the only things that hang off of you. When you’re a woman, men grab for the chest.

    Pervs…all of them!

  5. Very cute.

    I know it’s only a blog and you didn’t ask, but do be careful of using things like “just” and “moments of silence” when you write. Try and find an actual action that expresses what you mean – characters are always doing something, even when they’re doing nothing.

    I really like the angles you attack from and hope you continue to develop your craft. Sorry if you think I’m out of line here – yada, yada, best intentions…

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