Reason #8577 why I am like this…

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16 Responses

  1. JenBun says:

    So… you’re trying to tell us that you’re adopted?

    Poooooooor PeteMom, puts up with so much… ;)

  2. notthelifeiordered says:

    Hahaha! I love your mom. I see the resemblence, but i’m wondering where your supposed adorableness came from?

  3. AnTo says:

    Damn she´s good! the only woman that can control you! about films…my mum has the same tendency to think I can download everything…everything..:S

  4. Peter says:

    jenbun: She’s suffered, the woman.

    nothelifeiordered: I don’t think that you are using “supposed” properly here.

    anto: My mother always, always asks for things that are impossible — or a major pain in the ass — to do.

  5. Dana says:

    love you blog….. and thanks for stopping by – please visit again soon!

  6. Tia says:

    dude. your mom rules.

    and The Women is so not worth watching.

  7. AnTo says:

    Hey! that´s mean and a little gloomy for my taste :P

  8. Valerie Z says:

    Damn there goes my fantasy team. Your mom was supposed to go in the first round…

  9. mindy says:

    Your mom sounds delightful. And I actually mean that – I'm not being sarcastic. I think she & I would get along swimmingly.

  10. jamelah says:

    It all makes so much sense now.

  11. Peter says:

    dana: Thank YOU for dropping by.

    tia: I can’t even imagine what it might take to get me to watch that movie.

    valerie z: It is too bad because she rebounds well for her position. (And the Celtics suck.)

    mindy: I actually think that you really would.

    jamelah: I know, right??

  12. Colleen Snell says:

    Your mom sounds awesome.

    And, that movie did suck, btw. I paid $10 for it at the theater, and damn near left early.

  13. Auburn Kat says:

    You have quite the family =) Never a dull moment huh?

  14. Hollywood Sucker says:

    Sounds like she’s abusing her power.

  15. Alexa says:

    you should have flipped her off back with BOTH fingers.

    twins, you win.

  16. Peter says:

    colleen: I expected that. I found it hard to sit through the commercials.

    auburnkat: Quite a group of characters.

    hollywood sucker: I know, right? It’s hard to raise parents these days.

    alexa: I was too busy laughing.

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