[Throwback Tuesday] really

“Does it shock you when a woman doesn’t have a crush on you?”

“To my VERY CORE!”





“How much?”




“What percentage of women do you think have a crush on you?”

“Uhm… 23%.”



“I guess I’m one of the other 14%.”


“Does that surprise you?”

“I’m surprised you got the math right…”

“Does it shock you that I am one of those 14%!?”

“To my VERY CORE!”

“You are getting harder and harder to talk to.”

“I like french toast.”





photo credit: Adrian Hu via photopin cc

0 thoughts on “[Throwback Tuesday] really

  1. It’s hard to say what I like more here- the comments to this post or the post itself. I think Matt probably has a crush on you too. And if Lauren Graham has a crush on you, you should run for the hills.

    I’m feeling extra anti- Lauren lately if you couldn’t tell.

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