You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much lately. ACN kept me very busy and we had a ton of fun. I also learned some very important things about what ACN finds funny. In no particular order, here they are:

1) When Uncle Pete stubs his toe.
2) When Uncle Pete stubs his other toe.
3) Being reminded of the time Uncle Pete completely threw his back out after Xmas (while ACN-wrangling!) This might be the funniest thing ever, according to ACN.
4) When Uncle Pete pretends he is mad and grrrrrrrrrs.
5) When Uncle Pete steps on Rice Krispies that ACN throws on the floor.
6) When Uncle Pete gives ET a spanking for being bad.
7) Telling Uncle Pete that she wants him to pick her up out of her bed – that is only used for playing, never for sleeping – and when he has her in his arms, shaking her head vigourously and giggling until he puts her back in the bed.
8) Making Uncle Pete take her to the bathroom, and then giggling when they get there and he asks if she really had to go or if she was playing a trick.
9) Repeating #8 five minutes later.
10) The question, “Did that (Rice) Krispie just fall out of your bum?”


Do you remember when I talked about my triumphant stage debut in “ET & Me?”

Well, apparently the song we sung in it was originally done by The Chipmunks.

A dude named Jared found the post and commented that he remembered the song too.

Here is what he remembers:

ET come vist me
And if you get lonely
Just phone home

ET come and visit me
I’ll make you so happy
you’ll never want to leave…

Since you have the answer to power
You can do my homework in an hour
And then we can play for the rest of the day
Later, Darth Vader, whatever you say…

But I’m not just thinking of me
You can (save?) the whole planet ET
If you come and visit I promise you this
Together we’ll prove that we really exist

Oh my… I am having flashbacks. (Though I think the line was “Raiders, Darth Vader, whatever you say…”) I can remember taking our bows while holding hands with a girl who was telling everyone we’d get married when we grew up and a dude. This was not where an 11 (or so?) year old boy wanted to be.

This song is cracking me up – then making me feel shame – and then cracking me up again.


Don’t forget that today is CC day in NYC.


No Canadian Idol recap this week. (Why does typing that make me feel like a 14 year old girl? I hate you! This is SO unfair! *door slam*)

I will say that I am still enjoying the poop out of Nancy Silverman.

Why don’t they have her performances on youtube yet? Speaking of…


For no real reason, Eddie Murphy!

Yes, that is Rick James.

0 thoughts on “Randomania

  1. Haha, good stuff. Too bad the ET song doesn’t ring any nostalgia bells for me despite my having grown up with the Chipmunks. Mostly when I think of them I think of the theme song and the Christmas song.

    And, uh, do I want to know the story behind “Did that (Rice) Krispie just fall out of your bum?”

  2. James: When I lifted her out of “chairy,” a krispie that she had been sitting on fell on the floor.

    She howled. She enjoys the silly.

  3. Heh, I see — that is actually a remarkably reasonable explanation for such a strange comment :-D

    And of course she’s a fan of the silly — she’s the ACN afterall!

  4. concerning your et song i had that album when i was a kid and i was trying to find it online for my kids, here is what i remember

    it is- since u have the absolute power we could do my homework in hour then we could play for the rest of the day raiders darthvader whatever you say ill show you some wonderful places you could get on my bike for sky races and i have a fern thats not doing to well and if you could fix it that sure would be swell…
    et you know the mcdonalds on sunset? just folow the recees pieces to my house (theadore- oh those were for et)alvin- i cant believe it you ate them all
    burp sorry

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