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I am still in the midst of ACN-wrangling, so this is another drive-by posting. Plus, I have the flu.

Peter with the flu is no good for anyone. I quickly turn from a nice guy who’ll help old ladies across the street, into a vile creature full of nothing but hate and organic corn flakes. If I ever get some kind of terminal disease, my family would be well advised to set me adrift on an ice flow someplace.

They’ve probably already considered it.

Before I sat down, I had like a half dozen fun things to mention. Now I can’t think of a single one. Bastards.


I’m totally still hooked on “Rockstar: Supernova.” Mostly because I have a Canadian to cheer for.

You know, I like Tommy Lee. He seems like he’d be a cool guy to hang with. Granted, I’ve never seen his sex videos, so I haven’t seen him steer a boat with his penis. I really don’t think there is any coming back from that.


In other news, I am half-convinced that the Anglican church near my house is playing “Three Blind Mice” each evening at 6 pm on it’s bells.


In the past few months I’ve said each of the following:

“There is nothing sexier than a woman who gets a satellite dish just to watch sports.”
“There is nothing sexier than a woman who plays fantasy football.”
“There is nothing sexier than a cute chick with glasses.”
“There is nothing sexier than a woman who drives a half-ton (truck.)” (Quoting my father.)
“There is nothing sexier than a woman climbing in through the window of a car.” (I had just watched DUKES OF HAZZARD.)
“There is nothing sexier than Eva Avila… except for her wearing glasses.”
“There is nothing sexier than mother-fucking snakes on a plane.”


I’ve been challenged to do another vlog. Maybe next week. Currently I am considering using finger puppets to act out scenes from Judy Blume books.

I may decided to go another way with that.


Next week I should be back to my normal posting frequency and quality… such that it is.

0 thoughts on “Random thoughtlets…

  1. Thaaaaanks, Jen. I am feeling a bit better today. I noticed last night while watching tv that I have all the same symptoms as West Nile. And a stroke, apparently.

    Dave: I’ve given this some thought and I don’t think we should feel any shame for watching ANYTHING with EA on it. No jury would convict us. She’s all kinds of delicious.

  2. I think my human pet is going to reference this from now on when people tease her for having her satellite dish so she can watch her football team: The Pittsburgh Steelers. (However, I’m acknowledging that you probably meant soccer and not American football, but in either case, I think it will still be justified proof!) She also can’t wait to point out that fantasy football is sexy or that glasses can be hawt as well. I very well may make her day when I show her this and if I get extra treats, I will adore you forever.

  3. Zeus: I actually did mean American football. (Colts fan!)

    But, we will totally forgive your human pet for her choice in teams if she wears glasses and plays fantasy football. (This would not have been the case if she had been a Patriots fan, however… In that case she would have had to rock a ponytail too.)

  4. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t get into Rockstar Supernova like I did with last year’s show.

    I think it might be the massive amount of ego in the room that starts to make me feel claustrophobic.

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