Quick Holiday Pop-in


I am sitting here patiently(ish) waiting for the arrival of The ACN.

She should be here soon, but her Mommy & Daddy are only able to come late tomorrow night. My sister has been working every night since the 24th.

So, we pushed the gift exchange portion of our holiday back until the evening of the 29th.

That’s right… there are presents for me sitting under a tree unopened.

I am handling it well.

So far.

Every other year, my sister has to work during Xmas, so we have Xmas whenever she is is off. We need The ACN for it to really be Xmas! (And to a lesser extent we need her parents as well.)

On Xmas morning, I got to watch The Monkey open her gifts. That is always an experience. Nothing but a tornado of wrapping paper, Hilary Duff brand clothing, and books about nomadic slacks.

I haven’t been completely shut out on the present front.

I did get to open the first two seasons of “The Wire” on dvd. A move that was probably engineered to keep me busy and prevent me from snooping under the tree every five minutes.

That was good thinking.

I also got a copy of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It is apparently “A spiritual path to higher creativity.” I also got a little notebook to be used with the exercises in the book. The gifter was thinking ahead.

The gifter is “HRC.” (aka Her Royal Cuteness.) She is an ex-girlfriend/one of my bestest friends in the world. (She okayed the HRC name, but would have preferred more superlatives being added on.)

Apparently there is a part in the book where I am going to have to have an “artist child play day” or some such. HRC is amused by that.

Though we’ve both agreed that pretty much every day with me is artist child play day.

Hope you are all having happy holidays!

0 thoughts on “Quick Holiday Pop-in

  1. Ah, that reminds me, if you haven’t stopped by yet this week take a gander at my blog. Your entry today is relevant to something there :-)

  2. The Artist’s Choice is a fantastic book. I went through it many years ago. But found it hard to do each chapter/exercise so in true R-N-D fashion, I skipped to the “funnest” parts. What a thoughtful gift!

  3. Is “HRC” the same ex who made fun of you during the power outage? If so I would say that she has more than redeemed herself and you no longer need to find new exes.

    I hope that the ACN is more patient than you are waiting for the gift exchange. That’s awful making you “children” wait.

    Also wanted to say that I loved your Christmas story. Finally someone did a little more realistic take on that story.

  4. Erika: I am going to try to do the whole thing. Not starting until the new year though. I thought it was a great gift too! Plus, it came with a little stuffed pig, which either symbolized the fact that all men are pigs, or she needed to spend 8 bucks to get up to the free shipping minimum.

    Amy: Different ex. Though HRC just e-mailed me to say that she would have made fun of me too. Perhaps she needs replacing too!

  5. Back to the 29th? I give you credit. That takes a lot of willpower.

    Happy New Year a few days early, unless you’re celebrating that one later, too!:)

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