Absolutely, possibly

If you met me, you’d think that I look pretty manly.

I’m a giant.  I typically haven’t shaved in a couple of days.  I’m usually rocking jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap (currently a blue Phillies cap) and Adidaseseses.  (Either white Sambas or black Gazelles.)

Yes. Very manly indeed.

So it would come as a great shock to you that a couple of Sunday mornings ago, I watched Definitely, Maybe while stretched out on my bed.

In my defense, there was nothing else on. And Season 2 of The West Wing wasn’t done downloading being purchased legally.

And you know what?

I didn’t hate it.

Because I am currently working on a super secret project (that will change the way you look at blogs FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!) with Brandy, I am just going to touch on a few thoughts that came to mind while watching the movie.

Women in scarves

I love ’em.

Don’t you just want to hug them?  Or take a walk in the park with them while they tell you all about their Masters thesis?

No?  It’s just me?

Isla Fisher vs Amy Adams

Normally when I see a “vs” I like for one of the items to be good and the other to be evil.  For example:

– Jays vs Red Sox

– liberal vs conservative

– Liverpool vs Manchester United

– Jennifer Aniston vs Angelina Jolie

– string theory vs quantum gravity

– toilet paper spooling out over the top vs toilet paper spooling out from the bottom

But, in this instance, that is not the case.

We have two adorable redheads.   We have Isla’s amazing Aussie accent.   Does Amy Adams have a southern accent in real life, or is it just the character in Junebug?

I honestly don’t know if I can pick.

Ooooh.  I’ve never done a poll in here before.  If I can figure out how to do one, it is going to appear right below this.  Vote!

Ryan Reynolds

Now, I’m all manner of straight, but I can kind of understand Ryan Reynold’s appeal to ladies.  He seems like a cool guy.   Funny.  You’d want to watch the Superbowl (or a less annoying sporting event) with him. Actually now I kind of want to write my novella as a screenplay and have him star.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, he’s cool.

To a lesser degree, I can see the appeal of Ryan Gosling.  (It is a lesser degree because he isn’t funny and he’s short.)

So apparently I can only respect it when women like Canadian guys.

That should surprise people not even a teensy bit.

Top 5 list

I was going to do a full post on my current top 5.  But now I’m not.  That’s the entire explanation.

1) Lauren Graham.  (If you check my archives, you may see her mentioned.  47,000 times.)

2) Emily Procter.

3) Anne Hathaway

4) Amy Adams/Isla Fisher

5) Julianne Hough (For some reason, number 5 is always age inappropriate.)

You should do your own top 5 lists.

And they should be all Canadians.

0 thoughts on “Absolutely, possibly

  1. You know i love my romcoms. Couldn’t get thru this 1. Love Ryan Reynolds tho. Think i might have written a post about how i’m supposed to marry some1 who looks like him.

  2. Ryan Reynolds is hilarious. And hot. It’s a good combo.

    Also, are you really sure that Amy Adams and Isla Fischer aren’t the same person? I’m still not convinced. Isla Fischer will forever be that fucking crazy loon in Wedding Crashers, so…yeah, I can’t really take her seriously/kind of want to sleep with her.

    And the toilet paper should ALWAYS spool out over the top. ALWAYS.

  3. I gotta go Isla. The accent, it gets me. Plus, Amy can be just SLIGHTLY over the top sometimes…

    Still adorable, though. And for the record? I thoroughly enjoyed that movie… and I am not really a chick flick kinda gal.

  4. (I’m ignoring the Red Sox comment because you distracted me with Ryan Gosling.)

    I vote for Amy Adams because I really can’t tell them apart and Isla is one of those annoying names people always mispronounce.

    Ryan Reynolds = cute and tall, yeah, I get that, but he strikes me as a bit of a prat.

  5. If you’re wearing a scarf, you better have on gloves and a hat too. I think women look ridiculous in summer attire, with a trendy little scarf.

  6. Ryan Gosling is 6’1 so I would hardly consider him short, but I’ll forgive you for misrepresenting him because the rest of this post cracked me up. Glad I stumbled on your blog.

    PS I voted for Amy Adams, but it was definitely a hard choice to make.

  7. How come our top 5 list needs to be Canadian… but you have stuck in Lorelai Gilmore??

    1. David James Elliot… but only in his JAG outfit
    2. Joshua Jackson
    3. Seth Rogan
    4. David Sutcliffe (I had to put in my Gilmore Girls pick!)
    5. Michael Cera

  8. I totally understand the Ryan Reynolds thing, funny and hot is an awesome combination.

    Funny, hot and chained to the floor like in Blade Trinity is how I’d prefer him, but I’m not too picky.

    My top 5 is only really a top 1 and is a canadian list – but french canadian. I’m a lightning fan, you can guess where this is going without me spelling it out for you.

  9. It makes me happy that you watched Definitely, Maybe in bed on Sunday. I may or may not have watched it on a sick day. *shrugs*

  10. Peter likes the tetes rouge and tetes…blonde. Oh, and shame on you for making me Google all over the place! I had no idea who Emily Procter or Julianne Hough were. Blondes. Pshaw.

    Although I find Reynolds likable, of the Ryans I prefer Gosling, because of “Half Nelson,” and because Reynolds dumped Alanis (a brunette, AND my 16-year old self’s obsession) for Scarlett Johansen (a blonde).

  11. !!! Throughout my mirthful crap-giving in the spirit of brunettes vs. everyone else, I failed to notice that you listed Lauren Graham, until I read the comments above mine. COMMENT (half) FAIL!

  12. I love both Isla and Amy, but my loyalties always lay with the lady with the better rack. Point: Isla. Plus, she’s married to Sacha Baron Cohen! Hot hilarious couple!

  13. Isla. Amy is hella annoying. Althoooooough… Amy is Sunshine Cleaning and she looks amazing in it. Her performance might be an espn turning point and make me love her.

    Oh and that’s right. I just said ‘hella’. I’m bringing back 2003 slang. Recognize!

    Also, Joshua Jackson in “One Week” turned my inside out in the best possible way. If you haven’t seen it, you must watch it. It made me love Canada all over again. And Joshua Jackson.

  14. Ugh. I’m on the fence about these two… They’re both really pretty and I’ve liked them both in the movies I’ve watched them in…

    But, I think I’m leaning towards Amy.

  15. Seeing as I have red hair and live 5 mins from Canada I should be on your top 5! HAHA=)

    BTW, I HATE it when the toilet paper spools out from the bottom! It drives me NUTS!

  16. Isla wins.
    And not just coz she’s from the fabulous Land-Down-Under. (That’s Australia for those of you whose brains may have gone somewhere else entirely. Honestly, people.) It’s more because she’s successfully moved on from being part of the cast of one of our two atrocious soapies (Home and Away v Neighbours for those of you wondering… and Peter, in this case they are BOTH evil. EEEEEEEEEvil.)

    A top 5 list of my own…hrmmmmm? Well, Hugh Jackman would be in mine. So would Eric Bana. The Ryans you mention would be equals… just not sure of the rankings.

    Mind you… after reading the first six lines of this post I had to go sit down quietly for a while and breathe deeply. ;o)

  17. oooooooo i love this post for so many reasons!!

    1. i wear scarves all the time – i call them my boob scarves cause i like them to cover my gigantic jugs

    2. you mentioned ryan reynolds. that boy is funny.

    i don’t like your post for your #5 girl mention. jullienne hough? are you SERIOUS?

  18. ryan gosling is short?? no he isn’t.

    is he?

    (don’t say “compared to me!” because you’re a jolly green giant and that’s just not fair.)

  19. My first instinct is to say that you’re funny, but that just wouldn’t do the work you do justice. It’s great writing. You mention in this post that you should write a screenplay and I sincerely hope that you have started writing one. I just read the twenty page teaser of your novel and I was all ready into the story.

    Please give screenwriting some serious consideration. You make writing look effortless, which means your talented. Because writing is anything but effortless. I should say writing well is anything but effortless. Anyway, congratulations on the novel and for continuing to produce such quality work.

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