Positive (UPDATE: 6:23 pm PeterTime)

Today a relative of mine is having Cancer surgery.

The Cancer is located on the tongue.

I can’t really give much more info.

I’m a private guy. We’re a private family in general. But, this relative is VERY private.

This specific type of Cancer usually hits smokers and heavy drinkers. My relative is neither. And this relative is such a good person. Cancer is never “fair,” but in this case it feels especially unfair.

There is some fear that Cancer may also be located elsewhere. The tests have been inconclusive so far, but have cast enough doubt to add stress to an already very stressed-out family.

They’ll know more after surgery.

What we do know for sure is that later today this relative is going to go through a fairly long surgery – could be longer than expected, depending on the condition of lymph nodes. And the recovery will most likely be very painful. Radiation may be needed. (The possible side effects of such treatment in that area are too disturbing to mention right now.)

It is good that my relative has lots of friends and family members for support. Not everyone is so lucky.

Still, I’d appreciate any good thoughts or prayers you could lend today.

Thank you.



Surgery went as well as could be expected. (Yay!) They got clean margins around the tumor. The tumor and lymph nodes were sent to the lab. Will get results in about a week. Going to spend a few days – up to a week – in hospital while the tongue heals. (Skin graft involved.) If the pathology shows no “particularly agressive cells” there MAY not be a need for radiation. We’ll worry about the other spot once the tongue is healed.

Thanks SOOOOOOO much for the kind comments, sweet e-mails and helpful and successful thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it.

10 thoughts on “Positive (UPDATE: 6:23 pm PeterTime)

  1. Sending positive thoughts to you and your relative, Pete. There is no doubting the fact that this condition is hard to get through. All the best.

  2. Let me just say that I never wish rare cancer occurrences on anyone, smoker or not. But it just baffles me when this type of thing happens to non smokers or liver disease happens to non drinkers, etc. This is why Dave Matthews offered the adage, eat drink and be merry cause we’re all gonna die.

    All of this is my roundabout way of saying my thoughts are with you and yours today:)

  3. my thoughts are with you and yours pete. a friend of mine is going through a similar thing with her mother (who is quite young, and up til now very healthy) yeah… sometimes it seems extra unfair.

  4. I am sending comforting and healing vibes your way (and will ask that you distribute them to your relative, as needed).

    Having gone through a extremely stressful and emotional trip down Cancer Road within the last two years, I can especially appreciate the physical and emotional challenges ahead for your relative and your relative’s friends and family.

    I’m throwing in an extra healing comfort vibe just for you, Peter…thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Add my thoughts and well wishes to your relative to the pool as well. Years ago my mother fought against breast cancer and beat it, though it took chemo, radiation therapy, and a mastectomy to do it. She said the support of her friends and family helped give her the strength to fight through it all.

    Another blogger I read has a father battling lung and brain cancer right now but he seems to be doing reasonably well. Still sending major mojo his way too, but there’s always more for others who need it.

  6. Thoughts and prayers on the way. Been through this with a few family members of my own. I know how rough it is. I hope things work out, and you and yours are left with a greater appreciation of life, not that you’re the type that doesn’t already seem to enjoy every day.

  7. Pete, all the best to you and your family in the weeks ahead. I’m sure everyone can relate, as cancer touches so many lives. Stay positive, I really believe in the power of positive thinking. It’s times like these that remind us what it means to be truly alive.

  8. Hi, I just read this post here. Having nursed a few patients with this particular cancer over my years of nursing I can say that I am going to be sending positive thoughts to your relative for a speedy recovery.

  9. Thanks again for all the kind comments and well wishes.

    My relative is continuing to make progress. There is some definite pain involved, but so far, things are getting better daily.

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