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Remember how I was pimping Caprice Crane’s novel before I even read it? Yes, I am skilled like that. Well, now I have read it. And it is all kinds of the awesome.

This is especially remarkable because A) I don’t like to read books. They usually involve all kinds of, like, words and junk. And 2) I really don’t like to read anything that I didn’t write.

Well, now you get to chance to see what all the hype is about. Caprice will be doing a reading/signing!! Eeeeep!

Where: Chelsea Barnes and Noble, 675 6th Ave., NYC (btw. 21st & 22nd St.)

When: Thursday, July 6th, 7:00 P.M. (7 Sharp if you wanna hear her read. Peter note: And you DO want to hear her read.)

Why: Because this is your chance to stop by, let Caprice scribble in your copy of the book, and ponder the deeper themes of the book including: when it’s acceptable for a waitress to dump blue cheese dressing in a customer’s hair, how to avoid awkwardness when you’re backsliding with your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend (lock the door), and what a guy really means when he offers to help a pretty girl with her groceries.

Please come and bring some friends! There’s nothing sadder than a lonely author, clutching a sharpie, sitting behind a table piled high with crisp, fresh copies of her new novel, asking the store manager, “Did they print the right date on the poster?” has a cool interview with Caprice. It’s over on the right side. (The reviewer sounds like a bitter failed novelist herself, but that happens.)

Oh, I nearly forgot, if you do attend the signing, and mention my name, Caprice will be 14% nicer to you than she will be to other people. I was shooting for 20%, but negotiations… You know how it is.

So, go, listen, buy, get autograph (I didn’t get one!), read, enjoy, spread the word, etc.

Plus, if you don’t attend, then the terrorists win. I don’t want to put any extra pressure on you though. It is totally up to you if you want to inexplicably miss this amazing event. But, can I ask you one simple question? Why do you hate freedom so much?

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