0 thoughts on “Photographic proof

  1. You can’t take off points for nose pinching. It’s not fair to those of us that have irrational fears of water up the nose.

    You should tell her you want to judge a belly-flop performance next time.

    I wish you’d mess up and accidentally write about the person you’re trying not to write about…

  2. sara: She also makes me judge “Johnny Ass-crackers” which are… pretty much what they sound like.

    I think I have pics of those too.

    It is SO hard to not blog about you know who. I may need a support group for it.

  3. I cannot dive at all. But I can perform a mean cannonball with as much flair as an Olympic diver doing a half-back.

    And, duh, holding your nose is completely neccesary.

  4. Actress whose name I am not allowed to type: Did you alter your first name? :P

    Janet: For real? I never, ever blocked my nose whilst cannonballing. Of course I also didn’t qualify for the cannonballing olympics. Sadly.

  5. When canonballing my arms were always occupied in being wrapped around my knees for perfect canonball form. Sure, I may have gotten some water up the nose but it was well worth it for the awesome “kerplunk, sploosh!” that ensued.

  6. For her age, I think nose pinching is acceptable. However, after the age of say 12 or 13, I think knee hugging is the correct form and should be encouraged. My father taught me and he was the 1953 East Tennessee Champion… or so he says ;)

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