baseball pool!

Heyas —

I just set up the official PDDC baseball pool.

You can sign-up here.

League ID: 134335

password: pddc1234

This is going to be the lowest maintenance baseball pool EVER.

It is rotisserie style. (Like Kenny Rogers’ chicken!) None of that “head-to-head” business where you actually have to pay attention to your team.

The draft is even “auto-pick,” so you don’t have to do squat for that either.

Essentially all you have to do is sign up. (Though you CAN actually put effort into it. You know, if you are that type.)

If your team ends up sucking, you can blame it on not putting work into it.

However, if your team turns out to kick some ass, you can claim to be a genius.

That is totally what I’m planning on doing.

All are welcome!

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