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Peter has been writing for a long time. In fact, he finished second in a county-wide poetry contest for Dental Health Week when he was in the third grade. Rumor has it that he rhymed “incisor” with “sun visor… on the road to sparkly teeth.” He’s still not impressed that he didn’t win.

Peter re-wrote a seventh-grade play because it was too long for his drama club to put on. He tightened it up and vastly improved the dialogue. He wondered why nobody had thought of doing that to King Lear sooner.

As we were all building our Y2K shelters, Peter wrote about sports for sites like, and And he had a screenplay optioned in L.A. That was pretty nifty.

Jump ahead to March of 2006 and Peter started his blog, Peter can’t believe it’s been that long but he has 1200+ posts to prove it.

From early on, one of the favorites of Peter’s readers has been his future wife letters.

Peter wrote the world’s cutest children’s book for the world’s cutest little twerp. (His niece!)

Peter joined Twitter in 2008. Peter had no idea what Twitter was in 2008. Since then he has tweeted such things as:

“Yo, @GloriaEstefan, you were right, the rhythm totally got me.”

“Let’s be honest, it’s really only every other day I’m hustlin’.”

“It’s time to dump that zero, buy yourself a moderately-priced shower massager, then after a suitable period of time, get a hero.”

“You should #FF your worst enemy. Then give them a hug & a kind word. Then put a “kick me” sign on their back. Because $%&# you. Baby steps.”

Peter wrote a novel. It’s very good! You should check it out. He describes it as “A romantic comedy… about cancer. It’s that old ‘Boy meets girl. Boy gets girl. Girl gets life-threatening disease. Boy tries to make it better. Boy screws up A LOT’ story.” You should check it out anyway.

Peter thinks that sometimes you need something written that is just a wee little bit NSFW. 

This post from January 6, 2011 won some awards and junk.

In autumn of 2011, Peter had a piece published on the super popular Thought Catalog.  He later realized that he should submit more stuff to them. So he did. In January, 2014, they published “24 Things you Learn When You Leave your 20s.” [UPDATE: The Thought Catalog peeps soon realized how much they love Peter and have since published: “10 Ways For A Man To Properly Handle Being Dumped”,  “A Letter To My Future Wife”, and  “14 Reasons Why House Hunters Raises My Blood Pressure.” ]

Peter gives a lot of advice to women, for some reason. (They request it!) He compiled a lot of it in a post. 

On October 17, 2012, Peter decided that people working in social media need love too. He sat down and wrote “Top 10 Social Media Pick-Up Lines.” The link was re-tweeted quite a bit… by social media people in need of loving, most likely. (It might also be NSFW, depending, you know, on where you W.)

In December 2012, Peter released an ebook of poetry (with gorgeous photos supplied by friends). He wrote the poems because he wants to be as well-rounded a writer as possible but also because he thought he might be able to use them to impress girls. He’s mentioned this book in job interviews, while walking down the aisles of a grocery store, and in a proctologist’s office. He’s apparently very proud of how it turned out.

Peter wrote funny newsletters for the conference-calling service Rondee up until they were purchased by Yahoo. Peter can’t prove that the sale went through due to his ability to write conference-calling newsletters that featured ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ references, but he is okay with you making that connection.

Peter was one of the script writers for the RocketBoom web series (with 115,000+ subscribers) on YouTube. He wrote numerous episodes, including this one about Smounds!



Current/Future writing plans:
– started a new novel
– helping you sell your products/services/whatevers as the best products/services/whatevers around!

In case you’re into such things, here is Peter’s LinkedIn account. He hasn’t fully embraced the site, as they don’t allow people to endorse him for his rakish good looks.

You can, and should, e-mail him at, or call him at 902.623.0568.

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