Peter tired

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Apu worked for 96 straight hours and then thought he was a hummingbird?

I’m kinda like that.

Though not quite as tired.  Or Hindu.

Little Munchkin just went home after a ten day visit.  Uncle Pete was babysitting while her parents were in Cancun.  That should get me nominated for uncle/brother of the year, right? (And not in that southern unclebrother way.)

I, of course, love love loooooooove The ACN, but she can wear a dude out.

I started out the visit with the intention of blogging an update each day detailing all of our adventures.  But you know what they don’t tell you about adventures?  They are tiring as shit.  True story.

So, peapods, here is a brief sampling of some of our daily activities:

– Getting changed from jammies to the day’s outfit.  There is anger.  There is sometimes tears.  (Usually hers.)  This typically took place around noon.

– We played approximately four hours a day on  Her password is “UncIsCute.”  Try to guess who set up the account with her.  I enjoy logging in because I ask, “Who is cute?”  And she says “Unc.”  However, if I mistakenly ask “Is Unc cute?” she’ll shake her head “no” and giggle.

– Painting time is fun.  She decided that it would be OK if the music we listened to was selected by both of us.  We’d take turns picking a song.  (If I dared take a painting break to check my e-mail, she got to pick two songs.)

– When I tried to reply to e-mails, she’d reach out and tap random keys on my keyboard.  She wouldn’t laugh.  She wouldn’t complain.  I think she just figured it would hurry me up.  In one e-mail she typed so much I ended up telling the recipient it was from both of us.

– Bath time required a soundtrack, so we set up a playlist on itunes.  This list had two songs on it.  Both were Flo Rida.  One day, while randomly banging keys as I tried to answer an e-mail, she accidentally started a Colbie Caillet song playing.  (It’s not mine, I am holding it for a friend.)  She decided that she liked it.  So I added it to her playlist.  However, upon it’s first offical playing she realized “Hey, that’s not Flo Rida” and it got axed.

– She had daily reading time with her grandpa.  They read Charlotte’s Web.  One day The ACN decided that she wanted to be called Charlotte… and that she wanted bugs for lunch.

– One night we had this exchange.

Uncle Pete: Isn’t it better to be a good girl?

ACN shakes her head “no.”

Uncle Pete: But everyone is happier when you are a good girl.

ACN shakes her head “no.”

Uncle Pete: You’d rather be a bad girl?

ACN: Yeah.

Uncle Pete: Good girls get more presents.  Don’t you like presents?

ACN shakes her head “no.”

Uncle Pete: You’d rather be a bad girl?

ACN: Yeah.

Uncle Pete: I have no reply for that.

ACN: Hee hee hee.

– Getting changed from day’s outfit to jammies. There is anger.  There is sometimes tears.  When it is pointed out that she freaked out trying to avoid putting this same outfit on, she’ll stop the fighting for a minute and giggle.

And then fight some more.

– Each night, when The ACN decided she was ready to go to sleep, Unc flopped down on his bed and taco’ed himself up in his duvet quilt man cover.  He cuddled his laptop and tried to be clever/interesting in his e-mail replies.  It… did not go well.

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  1. My solution is that there’s nothing wrong with my kids staying in their pajamas all day. I’d do it, if it wasn’t frowned upon at work.

  2. Hahahahahahaha. Wow. Found you from Brandy’s site. You are tooo funny. Glad you survived. I do the same thing with the kids on Saturday. Blah. PJ’s are so much better than clothes.

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