Peter & The Kittens: A Love Story – Part 1

7:30 – I wake up. Feeling somewhat energetic, and typically adorable.

7:45 – I climb out of bed.

8:00 – Run an errand “downtown.”

8:10 – Arrive back home and see a mama cat and three little kittens just down in the field behind my house.

8:11 – I name the kittens as the stumble and bumble around.




And then a cute little grey guy appears from the bushes.

I call him Earl.

8:12 – I open the car door and they all run away like bunnies, and go under the old barn next door.

8:30 – I put out leftover chicken and steak down near the barn and run home. Not like a bunny.

8:31 – I watch in anger as jerkface seagulls and crows steal the food.

8:32 – I stew.

8:33 – I pee.

8:34 – I go back to stewing.

9:00 – Jump in the car, turn up “Things That Make You Go Hmm”, and sing along as I make my way to the grocery store.

9:07 – Standing in pet food aisle. Lonely. Confused. Itchy elbow.

9:08 – Say “yay!” outloud when I see that they have something just for kittens.

20140924_093223 (1)

9:09 – Waiting to pay for Purina Kitten Chow, I read about Michelle Obama’s secret lipo.

9:14 – “Ladies, have you ever had your man go away for work and come back with a tan?”

9:16 – Tiptoeing through the wet grass with a bowl of Kitten Chow. I dump it on the ground under a tree.

9:17 – Looking out through my backdoor, waiting for kitties to appear.

9:18 – Still waiting.

9:20 – Sending email from my phone.

9:25 – Decide to write blog post to chronicle my time together with the kittens.

To be continued…

UPDATE: Earl and DeVoe are eating the food! I repeat, they are eating the food!

UPDATE: Two more grey kitties (with white paws! so cute!) have appeared. I’ve named them Statler and Waldorf.




photo credit: Viola’s visions ◕‿◕❤ via photopin cc

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