peter says so

It’s okay.


Listen to me.

It’s okay.

It’s okay to wait for someone… great.

Like, REALLY great.

Some will tell you “just find someone decent” or “he’s not bad, give him a chance.”

You know what?

Fuck that.

Some want to doom you to their mediocrity.

Don’t have any of it.

You’re better than that.

Aren’t you?

It’s okay to demand to be treated right.

Demand it.

From the start.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, demand it from men or women.

And from yourself.

It’s the only way you’ll get something great.

And if you already have it…

Man, if you have it, hold on tight.

Be thankful for it.

Don’t squander it.


Fight for it.

You deserve it.

You deserve someone who is off their ass in love with you.

I mean, don’t you want those moments?

Those moments right after. When you’re breathing is just getting back to normal. When endorphins are slow-dancing with memories. When your hand traces recently sun-freckled skin in some unrecognizable pattern that all the world’s code breakers would agree means “love.”. When shadows fill the room, yet all you feel is light. Those moments when there is no need to speak. When all thoughts are part of a collective. When there is no judging. There is no fear. When past mistakes are celebrated because of where they have lead. Right there. To that moment.

When you are absolutely, positively sure that this is where you should be.


Wait for that someone.

Have those moments.

Have so many of those moments.

And never forget that it’s okay.

And so are you.

11 thoughts on “peter says so

  1. I haven’t stopped reading this since I saw it this afternoon. I keep coming back for more and thanking some higher power that there is a you out there who knows both the right things and the right way to pass them on.


  2. WOW! Perfect. There must be something in the air. I wrote an entry very early this morning about this very thing, personalized, of course, for my experience. This is really well said and should be required reading for everyone, especially teenagers.


  3. “You deserve someone who is off their ass in love with you.”

    i said something along these same lines last night to a guy i’ve been seeing who told me last week he loved me, he just “wasn’t IN LOVE with me.” for a long time i thought that was all i deserved, but after telling him i could do better and deserved better, i realized i knew i was right. i prefer the way you put it, though. :)

    thanks for confirming (for a stranger no less) what i just started believing to be true.

  4. Beautifully said, and oh so very much needed! I’ll have to print this out and re-read it every time I’m tempted to chase after anything/anyone less than great.

  5. This is the ultimate truth about relationships. You’re absolutely correct to say we should demand right from the start to be treated right, or lay it out. It helps to know that it is okay to wait for the right person, no matter how much pressure we feel. I have hope that I will find him ( I just have to keep repeating that everyday!).

  6. a friend shared this on Facebook today, and when I read it, WOW! This hit home on so many levels. Thank you for shining your light on this truth. I am off my ass in love with this blog!

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