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  1. Ashley says:

    I Sooooooooo badly needed to hear that. ITs so easy to forget! you’re awesome, thanks

  2. Truly says:

    I haven’t stopped reading this since I saw it this afternoon. I keep coming back for more and thanking some higher power that there is a you out there who knows both the right things and the right way to pass them on.


  3. joyvox says:

    WOW! Perfect. There must be something in the air. I wrote an entry very early this morning about this very thing, personalized, of course, for my experience. This is really well said and should be required reading for everyone, especially teenagers.


  4. stef says:

    “You deserve someone who is off their ass in love with you.”

    i said something along these same lines last night to a guy i’ve been seeing who told me last week he loved me, he just “wasn’t IN LOVE with me.” for a long time i thought that was all i deserved, but after telling him i could do better and deserved better, i realized i knew i was right. i prefer the way you put it, though. :)

    thanks for confirming (for a stranger no less) what i just started believing to be true.

  5. Amanda says:

    You make my heart cry and smile at the same time. I shamelessly reblogged this with credit.

  6. Patryce says:

    Beautifully said, and oh so very much needed! I’ll have to print this out and re-read it every time I’m tempted to chase after anything/anyone less than great.

  7. Rene Foran says:

    Can you clone yourself?
    I’d be OK with a reasonable facsimile.

  8. FaithLoveHope says:

    This is the ultimate truth about relationships. You’re absolutely correct to say we should demand right from the start to be treated right, or lay it out. It helps to know that it is okay to wait for the right person, no matter how much pressure we feel. I have hope that I will find him ( I just have to keep repeating that everyday!).

  9. mellow dee says:

    a friend shared this on Facebook today, and when I read it, WOW! This hit home on so many levels. Thank you for shining your light on this truth. I am off my ass in love with this blog!

  10. Esther says:

    My timehop showed this to me again and it was definitely something I needed to read right now. Thank you.

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