Peter on love… and baseball caps

The other night, some lucky soul was wise enough to come to me with questions about love.

Well, they didn’t exactly come to me as much as find my blog archives through a google search.

They searched for:

“Perhaps the feelings that we experience when we are in love represent a normal state. Being in love shows a person who he should be.”

I have no idea which of my 330+ posts that lead them to — and I think it’s a Chekhov quote — but, I hope that they found what they were looking for.

It made me feel good.

Which isn’t exactly the same feeling I got the other day when someone found my blog by searching for, “she makes me cover my face with a pillow when she does oral, but i know her mother is there.”

I’m not kidding.

And I’m reasonably sure that is not a Chekhov quote.

Back to love…

I love like a laser. Very focused and with great heat and intensity.

(You like that? I totally just made it up!)

(Unless I read it someplace and yoinked it.)

So, I can understand why someone would come to me (or my blog) for guidance.

And I’d like to talk about love again today.

But, not the love between humans. That love is frail. It ends. It gets all judgmental and asks, “You want me to wear THAT and beat you with a WHAT??”

Who needs that? Am I right?

Today I want to talk about my love for

So. Many. Baseball caps.

I don’t even know what to do with it.

I love the site so much.

I even get a bit shy when I go to it. My ears get a little pink at the top. I stare down at my toe making little circles in the dirt.

Then I realize that I should vacuum under my computer desk more often.

I need a new hat. And I narrowed down my four favourites to these:

Feedback from a very much respected and appreciated source led me to lean towards the darker ones. Black or brown.

Still, I thought I would ask more of you. (Because I couldn’t think of a single other thing to blog about.)

After all, one of you fine folks found my site by googling “there’s a dead hooker in the bathroom” this morning.

This sounds exactly like the kind of person that would have an opinion I could rely on.

0 thoughts on “Peter on love… and baseball caps

  1. I actually liken being in love to setting your face on fire and trying to put it out with a fork.

    Total irrational futility.

    I’m completely useless when I’m in love.

  2. I vote black if you’re just making the purchase. Though if you’re actually going to support the team, it should be red. I thought you were a Jays fan anyways. Are you rooting for the Phillies now or just getting the P for Peter?

  3. sara: It’s just a purchase. I am still a Jays fan… though baseball is dropping way down my list of favourite sports with every passing season. (Cricket could overtake it any minute now.)

    And mostly it's a P for Peter thing. I probably watched too many Laverne & Shirley reruns as a kid.

    Though I do like the fact that the Phillies are the losingest team ever. I loves me an underdogs.

  4. I like either of the browns – especially the lighter one though. But it’s true – brown IS the new black!

    Do we get a new icon when the new hat comes?

  5. DO you have blue eyes??

    If yes then I’d go with red or beige. If not then I’d go with the darker ones.

    I have no basis to this theory.

  6. So… does your love also reduce the appearance of red marks and eradicate unsightly body hair? Inquiring minds…

  7. mood indigo: Good point. I will need a new icon!

    airam: That is an interesting theory. I don’t have blue eyes. They are some mélange of brown and green.

    kara b: Yup. And my love removes tattoos.

  8. “she makes me cover my face with a pillow when she does oral, but i know her mother is there.”

    God I love people sometimes.

  9. “Though I do like the fact that the Phillies are the losingest team ever. I loves me an underdogs”

    Jerk! You know how I feel about my Phils…
    And I have about 7 Phillies hats around my house, each a different color. I’d say change it up a little, go with black or brown.

  10. dmbmeg: I know, right? I enjoy the fact that the mother thing didn’t seem to be a deal breaker for dude.

    cait: Jerk, even? Ack! I thought I was being supportive. It was you that mentioned the 10,000 loses in the first place. I am torn between the black and brown now. Leaning towards black.

  11. Your source still is pretty sure she’s right about those colors. But she doesn’t blame you for seeking a second or third or 18th opinion.

  12. aw, the love of a man for a consumer good. one of those great, forbidden loves that stand the test of time.
    really – hats almost always last longer than girlfriends. especially those who bring their mothers along for oral.
    and i vote brown.

  13. karabee: Sadly my love only inspires temporary tattoos. Of Tweety Bird.

    cait: I was trying to be supportive of the Phils. Maybe the Reds would more appreciative. Hmmph.

    brandy: No apologies necessary. I am VERY well aware that is the exact time when you need as much support as you can get. As well as an old rug for rolling and… Nevermind.

    al&af: The source is the source because of her impressive accuracy.

    kelsi: You know what really lasts? A girlfriend that buys you hats!

    steph: Thanks! And I surely hope that this isn’t the ceiling of my adorability.

    hellafied: I graciously accept your nomination. Would you believe that my high school didn’t even have a prom king? Of course I would have only alienated voters by being a sarcastic prick…

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