Peter & Eleni’s Infinite Conversation – Part 2

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18 Responses

  1. Sid says:

    Your first link doesn’t work. Can’t read part one …

  2. Pops says:

    Oy Vay. My head hurts. Why is deadly sodium attracted to deadly chlorine and why in the world does it make tasty, zesty salt when they get together?
    The answer comes straight from my mother: BECAUSE!

  3. nuttycow says:

    “Either way, I hope you’ll consider my advice to wait for — and equally as importantly, be open to — the right person at the right time.”

    I hate waiting. Waiting is annoying and boring and lonely and frustrating. And then you (not you, obviously, you in general) go and mess it all up by becoming bored of waiting and just grabbing the first man you see who is, obviously, a complete idiot, because if he wasn’t, then you wouldn’t have just grabbed him in the first place. *breathes*

    Yeah, that sentence is a tad too long. Sorry.

    You get my point though.

  4. Gina says:

    I understand what you’re saying about waiting, timing, and taking things at the right speed:

    Before I met my boyfriend whom I’m crazy in love with, I had been single for, well, my whole life. I had high standards for a boyfriend and refused to commit to being in a serious relationship until I met a guy who met those standards, so I waited.

    And then I met the right guy– a guy who actually exceeded my very high standards. The thing is, I met him a month before I was supposed to move to South Korea to teach English for a year. Finally, the right guy! But at the worst possible time.

    I didn’t want to do long distance because I didn’t believe it would work. It would be different if we had been seeing each other for longer than a month, but it seemed too soon to commit to something I knew would be extremely difficult. So we agreed to still talk after I left, and if it was meant to be, we’d be together when I got back in a year.

    We started talking all day, every day. Then he booked a flight to come see me. A few weeks before his visit, I realized that maybe we could make a long-distance relationship work after all. The night he flew in we became official and I’m happy to report that we’re making our long-distance relationship work! Yes, it’s hard work, but we’re working hard together.

    So, to sum up my novel of a comment, I waited my whole life for Mr. Right. At the time, the timing of when we met seemed bad, but if we had met sooner, then I might not have decided to go teach English in Korea and I would’ve missed out on an great opportunity. Any later and we might have ended up with other people who were wrong for us. Instead of rushing into a relationship that might not work out, we took our time and got a feel of what it would be like trying to do long-distance. We discovered that long distance is indeed hard, but when it’s with the right person, it’s worth it.

  5. Melissa says:

    I love this! The two of you are great advice givers, but it really IS hard to wait for the “right person”… I mean yeah it’ll be worth it when it happens (you’re a great example) but in the meant time… blahhhhh. Waiting really sucks.

  6. queen says:

    :) you guys should definately write a book :)
    i dont think anyone has managed to say it so well to Hope, i think she would agree with me !!

    loved it !!

  7. What I got from this is that you’re trying to tell me I’m awesome. Right?

  8. Angela says:

    I’ve now been waiting for a good portion of my thirty-six years, and what Eleni wrote above, about thinking she’s awesome, but never having had an experience with a man that backs that up? I could have written that almost word for word.

  9. Dani says:

    “It’s just a matter of finding the least aggravating self-absorbed goof who can best handle your particular brand of craziness.

    That’s love.”

    I completely and utterly agree with this. I read those two sentences and thought, YES! That’s exactly it.

    I was also single (with bouts of poor attempts at dating) for a long time. Then all of sudden, I met my wonderfully goofy, patient boyfriend who handles my crazy pretty darn well. And in return, I bake him for him constantly and love as much as someone my size (I’m a mere 5’1 to his 5’11) is capable of.

    Waiting does suck. I was a cynic among the best of them when I was single and now I’m part of the mushy masses. But I’m a firm believer that you meet certain people when you’re meant to meet them and not a day before. The rest tends to unfold as it should after that.

  10. San says:

    I personally am not single, I haven’t been since age 16 (and I only dated two men), so what do I know… but you know what’s frustrating to me?

    I know a dozen wonderful, lovable, absolutely awesome women who do not seem to be able to find their Mr. Right, even though they’ve been relaxing and patiently waiting for a very long time. How long is too long?

  11. Laskmy says:

    I think I just came back to LIFE. Thanks for the awesome post. I completely agree with you, most of us, especially me, have to RE-fucking-LAX. Also I love this “It’s just a matter of finding the least aggravating self-absorbed goof who can best handle your particular brand of craziness.”
    I’m going to go out now and have a blast just for the sake of living for great moments, not just to show myself off so that a guy will notice how fun I am.
    right time + right person, it will come on its own.

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