Peter e-mails bloggers: Jennifer Alaine edition 2 – Electric Boogaloo

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24 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    In light that yesterday was Canada- I drank a Molson.

    It was horrible.

    • Peter DeWolf says:

      Maybe next year try a Labatt’s Blue?

      Though we, as a country, appreciate the gesture.

      • Matt says:

        Labatt’s blue. Hmmm. I cant say Ive ever seen it.

        • brandy says:

          Matt.. you just complained about beer? Beer is beer. It’s always better to have beer than no beer. What kind of man are you?

          (But really, next time you want to show some Canada love through beer drinking, why not try kokanee? It’s delightful- and yes, I’m fairly confident that the word ‘delightful’ is the first thing you look for in a beer).

          • shine says:

            Not all beer is better than no beer. Crack open a Schlitz and tell me you wouldn’t rather have…almost anything.

  2. sid says:

    Lululemon – it’s one word dear. It’s yoga inspired athletic apparel. WTF was your interview about?

  3. shine says:

    I don’t watch any of those CSI shows, but Ryan Reynolds is Canadian, so I’m on board. Cute and funny is good.

    That’s not about you, Peter.

  4. Peter DeWolf says:

    Jenn: Consider the charm-off ON. Though, frankly, I doubt I’d even have to take my charm out of first gear to defeat you.

  5. brandy says:

    I just realized I’m responding to your comments like this is my blog. That’s the sort of power I feel I have today. Be prepared.

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