#thepetecast 3 – Ameena edition!

In this episode, we are very excited to welcome Ameena to The Petecast to chat with Mikael and I.


I didn’t know Ameena very well before we recorded, but people had been telling me all week how much they love her.

And now I see why.

Smart, fun, charming AND a good sport. Poor Ameena had to deal with malaria-addled Peter. Instead of rescheduling, I decided to power through. The result is a Petecast full of randomness, but, thanks to Mikael’s expert editing, it is also super fun.

Random thoughts:

Lauren is either going to be flattered or declare blogger war on me.

– Mikael has strong feelings about baby penguins.

– Some episodes of The Smurfs are trippy.

– We came up with an awesome Petecast-themed idea.

– The phrase “the Ryan Gosling of chocolate” was used.

– Ameena can be talked into doing weird things with people from the internet.

– She will be invited back for another Petecast!

14 thoughts on “#thepetecast 3 – Ameena edition!

  1. This was a random and very fun podcast! Ameena is amazing… why she gotta be so amazing?! And the penguin, oh my gosh, the penguin! Thanks for letting me join you guys!

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