"Pete chicks"

Two posts in one day?

It’s a new year, dumplings.

I’d like to introduce you all to a concept that I am still trying to wrap my mind around.

Apparently I have a physical “type” when it comes to women. (I also have a personality type, but that is another post all together.)

And this type has somehow become known as…

“Pete chicks.”

I think, if I’m not mistaken, that the phrase was created by HRC.

HRC has long claimed to have the ability to look at a female and quickly decide whether or not I’ll find her appealing. (My tastes don’t always mirror those of society.)

I didn’t believe HRC. I may have mocked her a little about it. But, sure enough, her success rate is uncanny. Even uncannier than I’ll admit to her. Except that she is reading this right now and feeling all proud of herself.


Regardless, even with HRC picking these women out left and right, I could never see a pattern. And HRC, understandably, didn’t really give enough of a shit to spell it out for me.

But, finally, last week she did so (with regards to celeb crushes anyway.) And here is her description of a “Pete chick”:

“They are all sweetfaced, slightly bland, more wholesome than the norm yet still Hollywood brown-eyed girls. Some of them are not a size 0 but not always.”

Then she told me that she had a cat on her lap that was licking her arm. But, I don’t think that had anything to do with the subject at hand.

I just conferred with HRC and she wanted me to make sure to mention that any time I’ve tested her skill, she’s always chosen correctly. (Even after I let her read the two paragraphs above that have already given her full credit. *ahem*)

I’ve even tried to trick her. I gave her links to pics of Kate Mara and another cute actress. She quickly chose Mara.

In the early days of “The O.C.” she picked out Rachel Bilson (before the scrawnyifying.)

Katherine MacPhee also meets the criteria.

The point of all this?

None, really.

Just that I can post random silliness and eat lunch at the same time.

However, if the woman in the next cubicle sounds like she could be a “Pete chick,” feel free to snap a quick pic and e-mail it to me.

0 thoughts on “"Pete chicks"

  1. How does height eneter into things? Cause this woman at work would certainly qualify if “Near about six foot” is still on the table.

  2. m-i: That is an interesting one. I think she’s pretty. Great accent. And I may have even had a brief celeb crush on her. But, she doesn’t wow me for some reason.

    HRC says that Beckinsale is “too skinny and angular to be a Pete chick.”

  3. Please comment on the following:

    Katie Holmes
    Teri Hatcher
    Kristin Davis
    Justine Bateman


    Nancy McKeon (Jo) vs. Lisa Whelchel (Blair)

  4. michelle:

    Katie Holmes <— Thought she was very cute. You know, before the unpleasantness.

    Teri Hatcher <— Huge crush circa that Superman show.

    Kristin Davis <— Not without her charms.

    Justine Bateman <— LOVED her when I was a little Pete.


    Nancy McKeon (Jo) vs. Lisa Whelchel (Blair) <— I was more of a Blair guy, for sure. Jo was too manly.

  5. Who is HRC?

    Can HRC predict what women I like?

    I realize HRC doesn’t know me, but that just makes it more challenging.

  6. Larkall: HRC is “her royal cuteness.” (My ex-girlfriend.) I think she is only good at it because she has a PHD in Peteology. Which, surprisingly, doesn’t do much to improve one’s employability.

  7. I think that my “N” is a “Pete Chick.” Though she is a size zero, she has that look… She’s Bilson after the “skinifying” I guess.

    Which is funny to me, because normally I go for tall blonds…

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