Parent-Teacher Day

It was the ACN’s Parent-Teacher day today.

Her Daddy attended.

She told me that she spent the day with gypsies – who apparently also pinch bums.

The teachers told the Daddy how awesome the ACN is, of course.

On the wall of her classroom, each kid has a picture of a little bear with four little hearts next to it. In each heart is written something that the kid loves.

In one of the ACN’s bear’s hearts it says…

“Uncle Pete.”


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No Responses

  1. Steph says:

    Awww, bless her heart!

  2. purplestew says:

    I’ve been stalking, er ah reading you for a while now…and it doesn’t surprise me one bit that one of the hearts was for you.

  3. pinknest says:

    awww, that is so adorable!

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