Overheard in a game of "Apples to Apples"

My sister the nurse: You guys would not believe some of the things I’ve pulled out of old people’s belly buttons.

Disgusted silence all around.

Random friend: Like what?

Me: A badger?

0 thoughts on “Overheard in a game of "Apples to Apples"

  1. stormin’: I am not even going to let my mind try to figure out where that might be.

    kelly: Happy New Year to you too!

    scott: Thanks! Have a great year!

    steph: I’m not going to buy that you are even a little squeamish. ;)

    eve: To be honest, the conversation shifted at that point. But, not before my sister mumbled something about “the size of your fist” and “inside rolls of fat.” And then I played “Anne Frank” for the category of “Melodramatic” and things got even dicier. :)

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