I think that I’ve mentioned a few times in here that I am not entirely sure what to do with a MySpace account. I have one. But, once I add someone new as a friend, or request an add, I’m pretty much out of ideas.

I don’t really understand it. (Not understanding things seems to be a recurring theme here. Is it just me?)


I usually add a link in my “blog” over there, anytime I make a post over here. Though most people that actually visit over there already visit here. Though it seems like most people don’t even bother putting anything in their “blog” over there.

Did you follow that?

I picked a kick-ass Canadian classic rock tune for my profile. That was fun. And took five minutes.

I’ve mocked the dudes that use pics of themselves shirtless as the default user pic. Who does this? Honestly? Could you be more sketchy? On the plus side, we know where our next generation of used car salesmen will come from.

People have left comments — which I appreciated — and I’ve replied by leaving comments on their profiles. But, this strikes me as an odd way to communicate. Why wouldn’t I just e-mail this person? Or vice versa. Or why wouldn’t I use the cool little gmail chat dealie? Or even MSN? It’s like inviting the world to read one line at a time conversations that take forever to play out.

I can understand the concept of posting pics in the photo album dealie and allowing people to leave comments on them. Which would help me more, if I wasn’t one of the top 37 least photogenic people in North America. For reals. Did you see that episode of “Friends” when Chandler and Monica were trying to get a picture taken for their engagement announcement? Each attempt is worse than the last, with him making odd faces. It’s kind of like that, but in a Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap.

I can also understand using MySpace to track down old friends, lovers, chemistry lab partners, etc. Especially if you are bright enough NOT to use the real names of people in pieces of short fiction. *cough cough*

But, I am a bit perplexed by the “Top ___ ” friends thing. You can show your top 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 friends. Which was great when I had less than 24 friends. But, lately I’ve been getting more popular. Probably because I’m willing to put out.

What do I do now? I don’t want to offend anyone.

Most of us have added “friends” that are famous singers, bands, actors, TV shows, etc. — I have too, but I have no idea why. So, there is a good chance that they aren’t going to ever see our profiles. No need to front page them.

Do we just top-friend people who top-friended us? What if top-friending someone, that doesn’t have us top-friended, suddenly inspires them to move us up their list? And why do we care where we are on someone’s list?

Kind of smacks of high school and whether or not you get invited to a party that the cool kids are having.

I thought about randomly alternating my list, so that everyone gets equal love.

But, that sounded like it would involve effort on my part. That’s my least favourite type of effort.

So, I’ve settled on making it a meritocracy of sorts. People are going to have to earn their place on my top friend list.

Commenting here on my blog. That gets you points.

Sending me an e-mail to tell me how awesome I am… Points.

Remembering my birthday… Points.

Posting a new default user pic that is cute… Points.

Despising “Family Guy”… Lots of points.

Indianapolis Colts beat the New England Patriots next Sunday… Points for everyone!

I reserve the right to add more criteria whenever the urge strikes.

I also reserve the right to not really keep track of these “points” and to move people around willy-nilly whenever the whim strikes.

One thing is for sure, any of you fellas post shirtless pics of yourselves, and you are off the Top 24. Unless I am in the market for a “fine previously-owned, but new to me, automobile.”

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  1. I half-heartedly participate in the My Space thing, too. To me, it’s just an extension of all things high school. I also like adding fictional characters and famous folk. Embracing the ridiculousness of all that is My Space is half the fun.

    I’m also sure there’s an unofficial age where you really shouldn’t be My Spacing that I’ve already crossed, but playing Where Are They Now? with old friends every once and awhile does have a certain inexplicable appeal to it.:)

  2. I, shamelessly, am on myspace every day. I’d say it’s the best for reconnecting – I’ve heard from two long-lost friends in the last month that I’ve either already met up with or will soon – that was a treat.

    As to bands – it’s the best way I know to have all the music you follow in one place. It’s almost like a blog roll for bands – anytime anyone tours – you know. I love this. It’s also a great way to find music because you go to your favorites, and then check out their community (especially top 8!) and suddenly new music is at your finger tips.

    Not that I don’t spend an unhealthy amount of time lurking about – but for these two reasons I don’t feel guilty about it!

  3. At the growing insistence of a number of college friends I finally started a MySpace account just under a month ago. Haven’t used it very much at all, no pictures aside from my default, no music, no amusing anecdotes or any of that. It did help me reconnect with some folks I’d lost touch with, but I can’t say it’s really been that important to me. Guess I’m just not part of the hip crowd.

    And I’m kinda surprised your music selection isn’t Lisa Loeb…

  4. Maybe you should start doing the surveys. They kill time. I usually do one or two a day when I get home from work.

    I’m one of the people that blogs, well, crap. It’s whatever happens to be on my mind that other people are able to read and not yell at me about.

    How you feel about Myspace is how I felt about Facebook. So I dumped it.

    I’m not exactly sure I ever knew when your birthday is/was? Has it passed? Is it tomorrow?

    As for top friend status, I really think leaving you LG pics should get you points. I’m just sayin’…

  5. I refuse to participate in the whole MySpace thing. It just smacks of high school, but without the close quarters of a chemistry lab.

    All of my friends with the exception of one have accounts, and I always get pestered about it, but I refuse to give in. If I wanted drama, I would turn on my TV. The people on it at least have something interesting to say and do it eloquently.

    Oh yes and: GO COLTS!!!

  6. I just joined myspace too, and it’s pretty uninteresting to me. I mean, I’m not a musician or an actor (as all of my friends are), so… [yawn]

  7. janet: I thought that 18 was that unofficial age. ;)

    megan: The music/musicians thing is a good point. could be a great way to find new music you might not otherwise stumble upon.

    steven: hahaha! an undisclsoed # of points for you, man.

    james: But, Lisa Loeb IS one of my friends. I’m not kidding.

    sara: I think that LG pics are definitely point-getters.

    stormin’: We have the Pats in the dome. The fact that I am becoming cautiously optimistic about the game is making me nervous.

    eve: On the plus side, we now have each other as friends on there.

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